Money is a Universal and Indispensable Force

sachin mittal
Money is a Universal and Indispensable Force

In a distant, distant past before ‘money’ came into existence, humans used the system of bartering for around 3,000-4,000 years. Barter trade was a means of making an agreement; it was not a payment. Through barter, it would not be unlikely to see two men exchanging a cow for some grain or maybe a bullock cart for exchange of a service (like, help me harvest my field). It is obvious that the monetary value of the needs are extremely varied yet, owing to barter, they had no choice! Are you thinking this would have lead to ‘losses’? You’re right, and you’re also thinking in terms of one particular unit of measurement of value- money. But how did a piece of paper or a designed coin come to be the sole unit of exchange in our lives?
It was common for weaponry to be exchanged for commodities in China (1000-1100BC). But the inconvenience and dangers of carrying weapons around was unanimously agreed upon. Soon, (out of nowhere!) a less sharp and easy to carry, circular metal was moulded- it would be what we recognize and call a ‘coin’. It is believed that the Turkish people were the first to mint coins.

Reward for the fruit of my labor

To me, money is motivation! It is a reward for the fruit of my labor. And you should be motivated equally to work harder owing to the same reasons- to attain material comforts. I strongly argue against the statement “Money cannot buy happiness.” When a retired officer takes his whole family on a foreign trip, that’s happiness; When a son buys his mother a saree from his first ever salary, that’s happiness;When an uneducated farmer sends his children to school so they can change their fate, that’s happiness; It is needless to mention what part money plays in generating and spreading happiness.
People think that if they had more money, all their problems would get solved automatically. Have you heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Yes, it’s true that money can facilitate attaining various needs on this list. It is not the solution to all our problems, but it is a tool.

Investing money is a passion for many.

Investing money is a passion for many. Growing money in a calculated manner can help satisfy many of our wants. Some establish businesses, some invest in businesses. Trade and commerce have been a sure-shot means of acquiring wealth to meet one’s life sustaining needs. Today, due to the age of the Internet, we have the choice (rather, luxury!) of starting businesses online; these businesses are not tied down by physical proximity. Today, your e-commerce store can be globally available, be the best in the country, loved and used by people all over the world.

You can avail a loan at the click of a button

Money holds within itself the power to fulfill your inert aspirations. Long ago, it was difficult to come upon funds; loans would be accompanied by various hardships. But today, the scenario is different. You can avail a loan at the click of a button. There are no middlemen and it is a sphere of utmost transparency. Have I done so? Yes. Would I recommend it to you? YES!
A thought for you to ponder upon: It’s not money, but what money can help you achieve that is amazing. Money continues to give you the liberty of having a ‘choice’! And thus, it should be used responsibly, for the benefit of your family, and upliftment of society.