sachin mittal
Only Entrepreneurs Can Create Real Jobs

If you were asked about that one major problem that the world faces, what would have been your answer? That one global challenge that affects all economies and all lives and results in almost all the other global threats we have? The one unanimous answer would be – Poverty. Yes, the biggest of the global challenges are the triple threats of Unemployment, Poverty and Inequality.

In the words of Jim Clifton, CEO of Gallup, the world famous research & survey consultancy firm – “What the world needs is a good job!”

On the basis of the findings of a Gallup created global poll, he adds “If countries fail at creating good jobs, their societies will fall apart. Countries, and more specifically cities, will experience suffering, instability, chaos, and eventually revolution.” Gallup goes on to say, that on a political level “the highest levels of leadership require mastery of a new task – job creation.”

Government vs. Entrepreneurs – Who are the Real Job Creators?

How many times have we heard the Government promise that they are going to create millions of jobs next year? Countless number of times! But has it happened in reality? The answer is a big NO. So much so that every time we hear politicians chanting the same promise mantra, we turn a deaf ear to it skeptically. And rightly so, because the reason why the millions of job creation has never happened, or never will, is simply because Governments cannot create jobs! If they could have, they would have done by now.

If you think logically, the best that the government can do is to hire people temporarily on state run projects. But when it comes to creating real sustainable jobs which employs a number of people, the only answer is – Entrepreneurs!Simply put – Politicians don’t create jobs. Entrepreneurs do! And specifically the small and medium sector!

If you take the American story, for example, only 20 million Americans are hired by the Government while a huge chunk of 120 million people are hired by the private sector out of which 60% are employed by small and medium sized enterprises hiring less than 500 employees!

An Entrepreneurial Revolution – The Answer!

The solution thus, that the world needs right now is undoubtedly an entrepreneurial revolution…more and more people with the spark of creating something, for self and for others, lighting the flame of job creation and spreading it rapidly so that the problems of unemployment, poverty and inequality turn rapidly to ashes.

What the Government can do?

What the Government can do on the other hand is to create a favorable environment and provide the basic infrastructure where job creators become more than the job seekers because what we ultimately need is not a government that year after year promises to create 5 million jobs, but one which lays down a strong foundation for 1 million entrepreneur to start and grow quickly. To start with, focus should be on:

  • Electricity – Affordable and dependable supply of electricity
  • Transport – A well maintained transport infrastructure, specifically roadways
  • ICT – Efficient Information and Communications Technology roll-out all across the country

Change in the Mindset:

For an entrepreneurial revolution to happen, beyond the basic infrastructural support by the government, a general shift in themindset is also required. Starting from Education to Law, everywhere the aim needs to shift from creating eligible job seekers to making efficient job creators. The systems need to redesign themselves so that educators aim not to turn students into eligible employees but powerful employers. Law makers need to ponder on whether their laws are attracting job creators or driving them away. Infact any decision maker, anywhere at any level needs to shift focus to the most pertinent question of current times – ‘Will this encourage job creation?

To conclude, we need less of politicians who just inaugurate workplaces in ribbon cutting ceremonies and more of the real people behind the scenes who aspire, plan, take risks and make things happen…in reality.