Marketing automation: Sit back and let the software do your marketing


Marketing automation means you sit back and let the software do all the marketing work. All traditional tasks which were earlier done only manually gets automated. When you log in to Amazon, your name gets dynamically inserted and a predictive algorithm presents a brand new range of products to you based on your browsing history, wish list, past purchases etc.

Even after you leave the portal you will receive mailers highlighting what you have seen on the site.

Customers go through several touch points

Customers don’t always buy the first time they visit a site. Along the path they go through several touch points before deciding on a purchase.

With marketing automation you can record the web activity of every individual right from the first visit he makes to your site. Subsequently if he registers with your site, buys something or downloads something, the history of his earlier activities is automatically added to his identity. This gives a total picture of a person’s interaction on your website.

Comprehensive view of the consumer

Data aggregated from various touch points offers a more comprehensive view of the consumer. This would not have been possible if information were scattered over multiple platforms.

Marketing automation makes marketing more timely and relevant by enabling you to map interactions to the point where the prospective customers are in their journey.

Improves lead-to-sale conversion rates

Marketing automationcan make a greater impact of your content and helps capture lead intelligence.By improving lead-to-sale conversion rates it drives repeat purchasing and increases the overall customer experience.

Both large and medium B2B and B2C companies are today able to avail of this technology which was earlier the preserve of only very large organizations because of the huge investment needed. The cost of building the software often outweighed the costs saved.

Since with marketing automation software both marketing and sales both get access to the same information, there is no chance of misalignment between the two departments.

Some of the major benefits

Saves time – Campaigns can be scheduled in advance and released according to schedule. This enables you to utilize your working hours for other activities.

Efficiency – It replaces the traditional manual process. Reduction in time and labour cuts costs significantly.

CRM integration It can help to make sure that leads don’t disappear after a couple of unsuccessful contacts.

So you see, Ecommerce is all about that…to buy and sell and transact what you want, whenever you want to. Simply put, to have the world at your fingertips!