Gone are the days of big software giants pushing suite solutions to big corporates promising integration of all information and processes in an all-in-one bundled business application at a steep mark-up. More often than not they ended up apologizing for its shortcomings a few months down the line!

Those days of the monolithic all-in-one software sales by enterprise sales guys are now thankfully gone, replaced by the suave tech-savvy sales people selling a flexible software solution that woks exactly as advertised. The bundled has become unbundled in true sense!

In today’s world, customer is king. Why do we like Subway subs so much? Because we get to choose all the ingredients of our sub just the way we like it. It is the same story in case of softwares. The precise reason why it’s the Golden era for marketers right now!

The Suite Solutions of the Past: Why it didn’t work

In the past decade, companies invested in the monolithic, all-in-one suite solutions with the thought that a ‘bundled’ platform of automated marketing would successfully provide solutions to every problem of a marketer since it has everything under one roof. However, these platforms were mainly created for large IT enterprises and thus, the very aspect of customer experience was largely missed.

In simple words, marketers bought themselves an array of solutions, most of them which they would never use. It was like a cloud of features which ultimately resulted in the marketer losing sight of his original goal altogether and providing really truly bad marketing. Like Subway selling biscuits or instant noodles!

The ‘Unbundled’ Future

The pathway to a bright future can finally be seen through the rise of the current app economy, supported robustly by creation of beautiful apps that work ten times better than the bundled solutions of the past. Marketers can now mix and match, pick and choose, the exact tools and solutions that they need in providing great customer experiences. For example, they can now effectively and efficiently retarget visitors using AdRoll, understand their audience with MixPanel, manage their social channels using Hootsuite, interact using Zendesk, and the like.

In the past, the argument in favour of the Suite solutions was that a ‘bundled’ ecospace would result in all systems to share information with each other to run seamlessly. However, as an answer to that, came the APIs. The modern day APIs are designed with the customer in mind, does not need a skilled operator and work effectively and independently within a larger ecosystem thereby providing an open and connected platform that works wonders amidst the expanding app landscape.

End-to-end experience

With the entry of the APIs in the world of Marketing, seamless connections of unbundled ecosystems have become a reality. Now marketers can stop thinking of their customers as a stand-alone sales interaction and start focusing on their end-to-end experience and its delivery across all channels. In essence, marketers are now free with a lot of power to provide exactly what they need or want to.

And the biggest advantage of them all is the fact that this new marketing technology is extremely affordable to all kinds of businesses, big and small. The future of marketing thus, is all about creativity at scale.

Against the above backdrop, it can be safely said that recent times are truly the golden era of marketing as there has never been a better time to be marketer than right now! Marketers can now offer personalized customer experiences through the right channel at the right time so that marketing ceases to feel like marketing now, and is more of a one-is-to-one interaction between two like-minded people resulting in conversion. ‘Unbundled’ is definitely the way to go!