What if you interviewed a friend of yours, who also happened to be a prospective bride? Well I did, and here’s what she answered to the very fundamental (and clichéd) question of “What qualities do you look for in your future husband?” My friend, a 22 year old, mediocre to look at, swell to talk to, is an English Majors student. But I told her to be basic and less poetic (since it’s nothing like her Semester examination!) Here’s what she had to say. “He should be respectful towards me and my needs, be responsible and understand he is living for too, slightly loving and caring of course, a 6 figure salary is a must, ideally 4 years elder to me, he shouldn’t be one who strays- has to be loyal, someone who likes paneer parathas like me, someone who is good at managing finances and has a fair concept of planning the future- because ultimately, we have to adjust and live together all to one end- stability.”

Entrepreneurs & Stability

Stability. Wait, what’s STABILITY? I’m an entrepreneur. And stability is one word that makes me shudder. I would prefer to say, “It doesn’t exist in my set vocabulary”, but that would be a little extreme. But honestly, ‘stability’ makes me cringe deep inside and I’m aware that amongst the breed named ‘entrepreneurs’- there is not one person who seeks stability. Of all things, we fear stability! Stability is interpreted as calm, a lack of thrill, a monotony, an eventual boredom; a stable future is a bleak future. A stable future is not on an entrepreneur’s bucket list!

Entrepreneurs & Workaholism

I’m unsure about the noun form of ‘workaholic’- but hey, entrepreneurs are not sticklers for conventions- so let’s leave it at that! Here’s an easy equation to help you understand why entrepreneurs are extremely hard workers. He has a dream. He has a very, very large dream. In order to bring to reality the proportions of what he has dreamt, he must (must!) devote his time, his energy, his senses, his resources to accomplishing his dream. He also is not friends with failure, which clearly means he must continuously strike to work his way to the top and establish that position. I’ve always believed, there are two types of passions- one that you control, one that controls you. And the latter is the passion that drives entrepreneurs. Is your head starting to ache a bit as the thought of the amount of work that goes in? Well, imagine if you were the wife of one such hard working, passionate man!! Top complaints would be he would have no time for you! He would also display ‘insensitivity’ (a word all women love to use to accuse men!). Conversations would almost always be about work, the workplace, or work again. He might share an occasional ‘plan’ with you, and mind you, you’re lucky if he does. There’s a sneak peek into the life of an entrepreneur’s wife…prospective brides, are you running away yet?

Entrepreneurs, Planning & Adventure

Wives love to plan. They love to plan the daily menu for the family, what her husband would wear, what time would be right to start a family, when and where to take a vacation; and the ones mentioned are the mere basics. At the same time, there are some things she expects from her husband. He is the one to manage the finances (allow me to stereotype, please?). It is his responsibility to ‘plan the future’. There are loads of plans that an entrepreneur enjoys making you see, but they are ‘business plans’. It may be somewhat irksome to them to set in stone what is to happen 20 years from now. Why? Because an entrepreneur indulges himself in a lot of ‘live by the day’. Or, moment; for that matter. Each of them want to live in an adrenaline-rushed state! He doesn’t want to compromise excitement in his life for the ‘been there, done that’ experience. I know many who live absolutely bohemian! It is most unconventional – and many a time not respected in Indian society. The father of the bride may find an entrepreneur doesn’t fit into his elaborate checklist of appropriate social behaviors!

All that being said, brides, do not be disheartened! If you are up for it, why not match up to adventure factor in an entrepreneur? Howzat?!