My becoming an entrepreneur was less like taking a leap and more like watching all other options melt away. Once all other options melted away the rest was easy. Many have asked me that now that I am an entrepreneur for sure, what in my opinion is the best part of being an entrepreneur.

Tomorrow is going to be better than it is today

For me the best part of being an entrepreneur is the permanent belief that tomorrow is going to be better than it is today. Now that I have built a company, I want to build a better company where we come out with better things and better ideas. After becoming an entrepreneur I have started believing that better is something which is easily achievable.

What difference am I making?

The question is not whether I am happy being an entrepreneur, but what difference am I making? I try to make a difference, and the fact that I am so engaged and connected makes my waking up every morning so exciting.

An effective entrepreneur ends up hiring exciting people. An entrepreneur creates jobs. This is how I have been making a difference. I want my work and my company to be meaningful to others and my company’s actions should somehow benefit the community.

Entrepreneurial mindset

Most successful entrepreneurs in the world are not those who became entrepreneurs because they had a dream to be rich quickly. They became entrepreneurs because they had an entrepreneurial mindset. They possessed a set of values which gave them greatness. They were not affected by setbacks and failures as these are common elements of being an entrepreneur.

Obstacles don’t hinder progress

Obstacles don’t hinder progress and they should not be taken as negative experiences. An entrepreneur can’t afford to react to obstacles in a negative way because he will face so many during his journey.

I have faced more failures than successes and each setback has revealed to me a new opportunity to grow. Each failure has taught me to correct an existing mistake or taught me how to avoid making the same mistake again.

Entrepreneurs aren’t afraid of making mistakes

You may believe that immensely successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg were infallible. But I am sure they too had their share of failures and setbacks. But they know how to learn from their mistakes and, above all, aren’t afraid of making mistakes.

Passion which drives me from day to day

The super-successful entrepreneurs didn’t reach there because they suddenly stumbled upon an idea. They reached this far because they spent good time, effort and passion into their idea. Eventually their effort paid off.

For me too it is the passion which drives me from day to day. And as I mentioned, tomorrow is certainly going to be better than today.