From Sachin Mittal: ‘Top 10 Success Habits of Wealthy People’

Sachin Mittal
Top 10 Success Habits of Wealthy People

People always wonder what makes successful people get to where they do…what exactly are the reasons behind their success and wealth? A brilliant business idea? A lot of perspiration and persistence? Unending motivation? An effective leadership style? Well, all these and even more. But if you ask me, usually people tend to overlook the simple day to day reasons for success that according to me are more important, if not the most.

I believe daily habits make a person who they really are, these are little things but since done every day, all the time, into a habit, is a crucial part and parcel of who a person is and how they perform. Usually these are the very reason why some people achieve something, and some people don’t.  As a successful entrepreneur who has started from scratch and created a disciplined pathway to success for my own self, below are the top 10 daily habits of successful and rich people:

  1. They wake up early

Starting from president Obama to Richard Branson, if one was to make a list of successful people and their waking times, you will be sure to see that most of them are early risers.  Waking up early straightaway helps you to start ahead of others each day, gives you more personal time, makes you more effectively responsive, proactive and finally…happy.

  1. They create a To-Do List

A very common and effective success habit that is common to most of the successful people is to create a to-do list for the next day the night before. A simple and easy habit like this, goes a long way in efficient planning and organizing for better performance and growth.

  1. They read

Yes, successful people watch less of TV and read more. There have been various surveys and studies on this subject, and some of the results include the stats that 70% of rich people see less than 1 hour of TV every day, and only 6% of the rich people watch reality shows (compared to almost 80% of poor people who do). In another research, it was seen that more than 85% of the wealthy people read extensively with almost 90% of them admitting to reading self-development books for at least 30 minutes every day.

  1. They network

Undoubtedly, one of the best habits to inculcate for success is networking. If networking can be made into a habit, it results in creating more chances for an individual to land up with a job. Researches also show that it makes people perform better in their jobs and helps people think of innovative ideas.

  1. They visualize goals

Another very easy yet very effective success habit is to set goals and visualize it in your mind daily. 90% of achievers have gone on to say that they regularly write down their goals and visualize them, either the night before or the first thing in the morning. This helps people to be ready for the challenges that await them.

  1. They manage their money well

Successful and rich people have usually reached their position in life by managing their finances effectively, and believe me, that’s a daily habit. You plan your finances, invest wisely, keep away some for emergency, generously donate to people and causes that need help and if this can be done in a disciplined manner till it becomes a habit, it would be one of the greatest success habits leading you to being successful in life.

  1. They say ‘no’ when needed

Yes, another habit to inculcate is to be able to know when to say ‘no’ and then say it firmly. Saying ‘yes’ to everything usually leads to distraction, loss of focus and time waste on less important things, ultimately leading to reduced productivity. Successful people almost always say ‘no’ to tasks and activities that do not lead to their final aim.

  1. They see the positives

Optimism needs to be made into a daily habit for one to survive and progress. Most people do not reach up to their potential since they lose their enthusiasm in between, and the only way to get yourself going every day, in face of every challenge is to simply look at the positive aspect, as tiny as they can be, in anything, any person or any situation.

  1. They keep themselves busy

Successful people are hardly idle. They work from 80 hours to a whopping 100 hours per week. This is especially true for entrepreneurs, and keeping oneself busy most of the time, in relevant and meaningful jobs is one of the greatest daily success habits one can inculcate.

  1. They meditate

Lastly, meditation happens to be one of the daily habit of most of the successful people starting from Rupert Murdoch to Bill Ford. Good eating, sleeping and exercising habits coupled with enough relaxation and regular meditation for increased positivity and strength of the mind in focus and concentration is all you need to be firmly placed in your path to a life of success and happiness!

So what are you waiting for? Sometimes, little simple daily things can make all the difference! Try it and see!