It’s not about how badly you fail, it’s about how you respond, recover and learn


When we were children, our parents raised us in a protective environment where we were sheltered from physical and mental harm. When we injured ourselves accidentally, they helped us heal and assured us that the pain would go away. When we were emotionally hurt, they comforted us and ensured that we were not hurt again in the same way. When we played a game, they let us win, so that we would feel the joy of success and feel good about ourselves. This is an important part of our development as human beings.

The other part suddenly hits us, when we come of age and try to stand on our own two feet. All of a sudden, life is not rosy anymore. The bitter lashes of reality strike us hard and leave us stunned and helpless; as adults, we realise that the helping hand that picked us up when we fell is no longer around. For the first time in our lives, we are subjected to the cruel forces of failure without any consolation. This is the time when we must teach ourselves to endure, not to give in to despair and to rise on our own, no matter how badly we have failed. If we begin to see failure as an essential part in our journey, things will become much easier. It is important not to lose sight of a few facts:

Everybody hurts, everybody cries

 You are not the only person who has experienced failure in life. There isn’t a single individual, no matter how smart or talented, who has become successful without bearing the inevitable bumps along the way. Always know that you will fail at some point. Don’t curse your fate, because every human being goes through similar stages of rise and fall. Think of it as a game of snakes and ladders.

 The more the initiative, the harder the fall

 If you want to make it big in life, you are probably going to experience more setbacks than the average person who follows a more conventional path. When you take greater risks for the sake of greater gain, you must be prepared for bigger obstacles. But if you are a true initiative-taker, you will also have indomitable spirit in you.

Failure is necessary for success

Failure can teach you things that success never can. It shows you your limitations, it teaches you what not to do next time, it hardens you and makes you explore crucial alternatives. Don’t ever lose the motivation to start over, to pick yourself up from the ashes and rise again like a phoenix, no matter how badly you have failed once. Learn quickly from your mistakes.

Know what to fall back on

When a distressing situation comes, true friends are revealed. Know which connections will hold when things go bad, and never breach the trust of those who will help you in times of need. No one can make it alone. Use all the help and support you can get.

 Establish trust with everyone

People who become arrogant when the going is good are never successful entrepreneurs. Trust is the single-most important element in any sector of business, and it takes years of effort to establish. Be unquestioningly loyal to your business partners, peers, employees and customers on your way to success. Keep these relations in mind when you take everyday business decisions. Don’t ever be blinded by prospects of your personal gain. That way, most of them will show loyalty to you if you face a crisis situation.

 Above all, remember the saying, whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.