sachin mittal
What Inspired Sachin Mittal to Become an Entrepreneur

“There is only one success…to be able to spend your life in your own way “ – Christopher Morley

What inspired me to become an entrepreneur is precisely this…to be able to spend my life in my own way. Live by my own beliefs and values, work towards my own aims and purpose, drive myself as per my own motivations and reach the heights that I have dreamt for myself.

In the rat race that the entire world has succumbed to, I always wanted to be different and always wanted to do something different. Though it is always a risk to deviate from the norm, from the assured path…but there’s an unexplainable joy in going a new way and creating your own path yourself, brick by brick. And most importantly, with the right attitude and outlook, the joy of being an entrepreneur is that this path is going to take you exactly where you want to reach…to the heights of success of your dreams.

My Beliefs and Values

I value success and I believe that the definition of success varies from person to person. For some it might be becoming an engineer and getting a respectable 9-5 job with a good pay. A safe and stable path for many. But my definition of success was always different, which is why I took the bold step of leaving my engineering course midway. To me, it’s just not the accumulation of wealth for myself but also generation of wealth for others. Not just getting a good job, but creating employment for others and thereby changing people’s lives. Hence, these beliefs and values of mine inspired me to become an entrepreneur, since it’s the only profession that allows you to achieve this.

My Aims and Purpose

My aim is to work hard and work smart and provide the best that I have to offer so as to create more work and achieve more. My purpose is to be able to offer people the best against what they are giving to me, in terms of quality as well as delivery. I believe that the two most important resources that your clients or customers give you are their time and money and my purpose is to respect them to the best of my abilities. OPT (Other People’s Time) and OPM (Other People’s Money) are the two driving factors that motivates me to always give my best and I think of innovative ways in which more can be given against these two.  The importance of OPT and OPM in my life and my zeal to achieve success by providing to these, is what inspired me to become an entrepreneur.

My Motivations

My mistakes are my motivation. With every one, I strive to fix it and achieve more because I know failures are the only way towards assured success. It is because I failed to become an engineer is why I became a successful insurance agent, it is because I faced some failures as an insurance agent, is why I am a successful entrepreneur now. My principle is to be dynamic and I strive to create something new every day. That is what keeps me going…and that is what inspires me and makes me an entrepreneur. Ultimately entrepreneurship simply means not to follow your destiny, but creating it yourself.