Don’t Be Afraid to Go Where Angels Fear to Tread: Sachin Mittal

sachin mittal
Don't Be Afraid to Go Where Angels Fear to Tread

We commonly believe that to follow our dreams, we need to make plans, save money, work hard and so on. However, we often miss the most important thing – and that is to overcome our fears. Following a path that is different from the mundane drudgery of life is scary. We are used to following set patterns, and anything outside that pattern scares us. Above everything else, we are scared of facing our own fears – the fear of daring to do what we want, the fear of being hurt if we fail to achieve our dreams, the fear of finding out that we are not as good as we expect ourselves to be. We think we are scared of what other people will think about us, but the worst fears lie inside ourselves – the fear of risking the stability of a mediocre life, the fear of how low we would feel if we tried and didn’t succeed. It’s the kind of dilemma a performer faces before going on stage – on the one hand is the lure of the spotlight, and on the other is the overwhelming pressure of being judged by all.

But would you rather be a person who dared to reach where ‘angels fear to tread’, or one who rots with procrastination just because he is too afraid to try? Do you think the Wright brothers could have invented the world’s first airplane if they were afraid to risk their very lives? Would Steve Jobs be able to touch millions of lives with his inventions in Apple Computers if he was scared of taking radical decisions which his board of directors did not understand? No. They wouldn’t. All successful entrepreneurs stand out because they dream big – they aspire to go where no one ventures, they dare to walk among the clouds and excel in places where angels fear to tread.

Explore yourself

Explore yourself and see if you have a dream that is worth sacrificing everything for. If your dream is so compelling that your mundane existence is unbearable to you, it is time to make changes; it is time to depart from the grind of your mundane life and job, and start making a path of your own. Before you make any plans of making it big, find your dream.

Not trying is worse than failing

You may fail to achieve what you set out to do. But if you never try it, you will die with the frustration that you never pursued it. The first step towards reaching high is to stop worrying about consequences. If your dream is strong, you will always find the courage to face the consequences of your actions. Every day, entire businesses collapse or go bankrupt; but many rise again and do well.

Everyone has dreams, but few have the courage to make it real

Those few are the entrepreneurs that the whole world talks about. You can only be a good entrepreneur if you have both – an indomitable urge to do something, and an unbending will to pursue it.

Advice is good, but know when to stop listening

Many people may jump in to tell you that you are making a big mistake, that you will fail and lose everything. Don’t fall into the trap of doubt and hesitation. Seek advice from people who have “walked the walk”, not just “talked the talk”. It is their guidance you need, not the timid warnings of conformists who have never taken a step out of line.

Always listen to the lone voice of determination inside you – the stubborn voice that cannot be silenced – the unconquerable spirit that cannot be satisfied unless you dare to reach heights where angels fear to tread.