sachin mittal
50 Ways to Check If You Were Born to Be an Entrepreneur

In school, when I was first introduced to the concept of ‘entrepreneurship’, something about it called out to me. It felt just right. I felt like out of all the other professions, entrepreneurship might be my best choice. The kid in me dreamt that my instinctive calling would materialize one day. And sure it did!

Like me, were you born to be an entrepreneur? Check and see how many of these apply to you:

  1. Goals, Goals, Goals!!!- All shapes, sizes, depths and widths, goals fulfill the purpose of your life.
  2. You Never Give Up- Your perseverance surprises those who know you. For you, challenge thrills.
  3. A Powerhouse of Ideas-They don’t seem to stop- whacky, fun, and seriously silly or seriously good ideas, ideas are endless.
  4. Where’s The Challenge In This? Constantly challenging yourself with situations in life.
  5. You Dislike Orders – Ugh! Orders and instructions are your enemies. Your mind blurs out into yelling “NO!” the moment you hear a sentence start with “You have to…”
  6. Fantasize About Money-No, you’re not a shallow person but you just like the thought of money, especially if it could be yours… You know what I’m saying? Wealth is exciting.
  7. Fail, Rise Back Up, Fail, Rise Back Up, Fail- Repeat! – Failures do not demoralize you into believing ‘It’s the end, my friend’. You rise back up from even the most devastating failures.
  8. You Are A Story Teller- You are a neat and interesting storyteller! Stories often stem from your experiences and what you learnt from them.
  9. A Good Critique of Ideas-When you listen to an idea, you automatically assess it, and assess it well!
  10. Successful Negotiator- You leave no opportunity to negotiate- nor prices or payments!
  11. You Can Really Work HARD- Hard work is not intimidating. You’re likely to even give your all just arranging a friend’s birthday party. You’re a 101% effort person, no matter the task.
  12. Risks Are Worth It- Risks, when calculated can be highly rewarding. No one taught you that, but you seem to know instinctively. You like to dabble in risky things.
  13. Good, Functional Businesses Excite You- No one understands your excitement when you witness a good business- even if it’s a local corner store, if they’re doing something right, you always appreciate it.
  14. Trust Your Gut- Your instincts are always right! You believe that and harness this power of the mind. That voice in your head acts as your guide.
  15. Live For the Future- Unlike others who curl up into a ball and dwell in the past, you live looking forward to what the future holds for you.
  16. Constantly Learn New Things –DIY fascinates you. You’re likely to spend hours watching all kinds of tutorials.
  17. You Can Spot Potential- You believe in the potential of an individual understanding who they are today is not who they can be.
  18. Persuasion Is An Art Of Your Choice- Being able to prove your point, to orate your opinion in a convincing manner and finally convert your listener into your point of view comes naturally to you.
  19. Crisis- Did someone say crisis? That’s your forte! It doesn’t frighten you and you keep calm and sort things out.
  20. Interpersonally Sensitive- You are consciously sensitive to the emotions of people around you and make an effort to being particularly sensitive and empathetic.
  21. You Like To Upgrade Your Life- It could be your cell phone, your car, your apartment, there’s always room for improvement.
  22. Tinker To Explore How Things Work-Just like a child, you like to take things apart. PCs, toasters- you don’t spare anything!
  23. Delegation! At work or at home, you are a believer in delegating tasks because things always get done more efficiently that way.
  24. Competitive! It is uncontrollable and applies to even card games!
  25. A Restless One-You hate standstills and monotony. You’re always stirred to do something.
  26. You Have Habits & Routines- You will never trade your habits for the recent fads; you stick by them and follow them rigorously.
  27. An Inspiration- Unconsciously, you tend to inspire people.
  28. Admire Successful Businessmen-While others have posters of The Beatles up, your walls are all about Gates, Branson, Jobs, Zuckerberg! (..add your favorites!)
  29. Sacrifice is No Blockade- When you realize you must make a sacrifice for your greater good, it does not stop you.
  30. Take Pride in YOU- You’re confident about yourself and you just like who you are!
  31. Opportunist- In the good sense! You understand the need to pursue an opportunity and do it faithfully.
  32. Problem Solver- Friends come to you and seek solutions and wisdom because you are good at analyzing problems.
  33. You Meet People & Love Networking- And it’s not for business but pleasure.
  34. Feel Born to Call The Shots-Somehow, you love making the decisions and directing situations.
  35. Helpful- Always helping those when possible because you want to contribute to other’s good.
  36. Plan it to the T! You are all about the details and love planning! And no activity is done without planning.
  37. Strangers Are No Challenge- You’re quick to strike a chord with new people you meet.
  38. Targets & Deadlines- You swear by deadlines, love them and are not game to
  39. Serial Cut Off-er!- The moment you feel something is bothersome, you cut it out of your life- be it a relationship or a colleague or a change in product design. It must go!
  40. Judicious With Your Time- Call the police, you just found someone wasting their time! You rise above mortal callings like gazing into the cellphone and constantly refreshing Facebook.
  41. Keep Thinking About Upgrades At Work- If you’re at work, you behave like a suggestion box. Ideas on improving the business, the environment and the productivity flood you.
  42. You Listen To Advice Given To You- You listen keenly to others’ opinions. Whether that affects your final decision or not depends on the efficacy of the advisor!
  43. Rationality Over Emotionality- Decision making is on the basis of logic, not emotions.
  44. Tech Drives You Crazy! – You’re easily hooked onto new technologies and fantasize building your own.
  45. News Buff- Being up to date with the news is a longstanding habit. Just like others don’t have to be reminded to breathe, you don’t have to be told to check out what’s in the news!
  46. Books Satisfy Your Curiosity- The variety of knowledge every book brings to the table is very satisfying.
  47. Day or Night? You lose yourself when you’re working on a passion. The time of the day is your last concern.
  48. Undertake New Projects Often- You take up hobbies or ideas and convert these into practical and viable projects to work on. I like to take one up each week. How about you?
  49. Never Write Off Your Ambitions- Your dreams and aspirations make a piece of you that you won’t part with.
  50. You Are Not A Passerby- You don’t drive by life, you get involved with as many things possible.

Well simply put, if you have most of the above, then entrepreneurship is in your blood! You are born to create and lead, not follow!