sachin mittal
I am comfortable with chaos, ambiguity and the unknown

For an entrepreneur, or for that matter, for any individual, the three most feared aspects of their lives are usually the fear of the unknown, fear of ambiguity and the fear of chaos. Everyone wants a peaceful life where things go in a planned way as much as possible. This is especially true in case of entrepreneurs, since all their efforts are usually to minimize chaos and ambiguity in their businesses so that the desired results can be achieved, so that the unknown future becomes as desirable as possible.

However, Sachin Mittal is comfortable with all the three – chaos, ambiguity and even the unknown, since he believes only these three give you the rare chance of proving your real worth, showing the world what you are capable of and thereby achieving greater heights that others cannot reach.

It is during chaos that one can take the lead and demonstrate true leadership, through ambiguity that one projects real clarity of thought and in the sphere of the unknown, that one is able to take risks, and create a better destiny for himself.

Leadership amidst Chaos

Chaos is what one doesn’t want, but in reality, it is only in times of chaos that people know who the real leader is. To Sachin Mittal, a chaotic situation is more like how a sudden stage is to a dancer. Suddenly, a place to perform. “I might have done without that sudden performance of course, but nevertheless, it is a stage, and I am comfortable with it since it is ultimately a scope for me to perform, to show the world who I am and what are my skills,” says Sachin.

For entrepreneurs, in times of crisis and chaos, true leadership qualities emerge both in themselves as well as in others making it easier to understand the real competence and capabilities for taking on the reins.

Clarity amidst ambiguity

Many a times, in an entrepreneur’s journey, comes times shrouded with ambiguities. It might be regarding the entire business objective or regarding some specific function, related to roles or during times of crisis. Whatever the situation, ambiguity is a chance to bring in clarity of thought and guide the confused others towards a harmonious goal for achieving the business objectives together. Sachin Mittal is comfortable with ambiguity since it makes him think, prioritize issues and needs and brings in real clarity of thought that is so crucial for any entrepreneur.

The plunge into the unknown

Great heights come from great depths, and you can only plunge into great depths if you have an unknown abyss in front of you. Nobody can plunge into a well paved road right? Yes, as much as the unknown is fearful, it is also a blank canvas where you are free to create whatever you like.

If you know things are going to go in a certain way, you would never take the plunge, never take any risks and would live your life in the all so common mediocrity. Sachin Mittal is equally comfortable with the unknown since it makes him a better risk taker, hence a better entrepreneur, and thus gives him a greater scope to plunge into the journey of creating something new…bigger and better than last time.