sachin mittal
Sachin Mittal Knows That When It Comes To Big Change Most Surrender To Fear

The term “Change” is broad and bottomless and refers to various things. Changing jobs, changing houses, changing courses, changing friends, changing technology, changing lifestyle- it can refer to all of this. Whichever is the case, change induces a certain amount of stress on us as we desperately try to stay in control of the situation and keep our head above the water.

Sachin Mittal believes that the smallest changes make big impacts. “It is comforting for me to know that I’ll wake up on Sunday morning, sip my English breakfast tea and then have my favorite eggs and toast. If I wake up on a fine Sunday morning and am told there are no eggs to boil, boy! Won’t my temper blow out of proportion!”

So, how large would the impact be of a ‘big’ change? “It took me a decade to get my mother on the internet and now her phone gets more priority than me!” said my friend. She added that it took her Herculean effort to combat the kind of mental block her mother had about adopting any new technology previously. I can relate to this, and I presume you can too. But what was stopping her mother all these days? What’s this powerful force?

It’s fear. The fear of the unknown!
“It’s only human.”

While resisting change is ‘natural’ to a certain extent, do not let yourself become your own greatest limitation while moving on in life.

Why Do We Fear Change

It is not uncommon to find ourselves cringing and constantly trying to defend ourselves against ‘change’ of all shapes and sizes.
If there’s one thing humans love to hold on to its routines and schedules! They love to abide by these patterns which have been tried and tested positive. When there is any talk of change, people become uncomfortable- even if it’s about changing to a better job, moving to a bigger city, expecting a child. Suddenly, we all get cold feet because there is no clarity about what the outcome of this change can be. And that’s what we’re afraid of in the first place. We fear the unknown consequences of change!
Losing control of a situation

Fearing Changes in Your Career

Fear of career change is universal. It prevails at all ages! The idea of career change gives everybody cold feet irrespective of their age. The process of shifting from one job to a new one, or starting a new business is far less exciting in real life than in theory.

Sachin Mittal keeps wondering- why would people suffer from a fear of a positive turnaround in their lives? Yet again, the answer is uncertainty. We do not address it explicitly but going through a process of change does stir up some conflicts inside and outside. The additional responsibilities cause a large amount of fear.

We fear losing money. We fear losing the respect we have built for ourselves over years. We fear not being accepted.

Be Adaptable to Change

It seems highly unlikely that we will ever overcome the fear of a change that will come. Instead, we should work on how fast we can accept the change. We must mold ourselves given the situations and adapt to the various scenarios we face in life.

Adaptability is a key behavioral skill required in life. Life is, in fact a series of changing situations. Days pass by and we are presented with uncertainty and unpredictability. So, it is necessary to adapt fast. Sachin Mittal says that he has noticed that those who are not flexible face emotional trouble and anxiety when they anticipate new circumstances.  Imagine how overwhelming an unannounced change is for the same people. It is in their nature to anticipate worst-case scenarios and this works them up beyond calm. Remember that changes mean you will have new experiences and new experiences are what life is all about!

  • Be brave, bold and face it.
  • Only you yourself can be the sturdiest shoulder for support during change.
  • Use optimism to shield all negative thoughts.
  • Adopt radical thoughts so fear can never overwhelm you.

Once you are well versed with handling change, you will not surrender to fear anymore. Embrace change!