sachin mittal
Sachin Mittal Shows What Separates the Super Successful From Everyone Else

The tales of existing super-successful entrepreneurs inspire those becoming an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur myself, the Super-successful are both awe-inducing and serve as a source of constant motivation. Super-successful people are not made in batches using cookie-cutters! They are people who visualized their goals and attained such heights leaving the world gasping about them!

Although they come from different walks of life, with different passions and make different contributions, there are many ‘characteristics’ of super successful entrepreneurs that I have noticed- it is like a pattern that has evolved over time. This pattern can (attempt to) differentiate between Super-Successful Entrepreneurs from just Successful entrepreneurs.

Some Curious Things Super-Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common: Observed By Sachin Mittal

  • They Opted Out of Conventional Education System:

    I don’t know whether we can classify this as a foolproof characteristic of an entrepreneur but many super-successful entrepreneurs have not attended further studies. They either opted out of or never even attended University. 85% of super successful entrepreneurs do not have an MBA. Was this out of not having faith in the education system? Or simply inability to follow the herd’s way of life? Or simply because they could not wait to carry out their entrepreneurial ideas?! Curious, isn’t it?

  • They Are Judicious With Their Resources:

    Resources can span a variety of things. The people they know, the loaned money or startup funds they have acquired, the land they have for use, their fixed capital invested in assets, among others. Even after attaining the position of a super-successful entrepreneur, they do not invest in the image of being ‘rich and powerful’.

  • They Call A Spade A Spade:

    There is something alarming about how straight-forward they are while expressing their opinion- about an idea, place, or even a person. This stems from self-belief and confidence in their thoughts. Also, being super-successful, their honest and candid viewpoints are highly valued.

  • They Would Rather Be ‘Wrong’:

    The Founder of IBM, Thomas Watson once said “Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It’s quite simple, really- Double your rate of failure.” This formula seems to be the norm for the super-successful. Doing the ‘wrong’ thing in the societal context does not hold them back. In fact, they have a few rules and limits in life and business.

Some Unconventional Life Habits Of The Super-Successful: Observed by Sachin Mittal

  • They Have Protégés:

    There are always ‘star student/s’ who they nurture with their guidance. They understand the negatives of creativity and potential going untapped. They put faith in the abilities of the chosen ones, extending help for them to become successful entrepreneurs in the future. Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google) mentored Marissa Mayer (Yahoo!), Warren Buffet mentored Michael Lee-Chin (Chairman of National Commercial Bank of Jamaica). Steve Jobs mentored Marc Benioff (

  • They Rise Really, Really Early:

    Don’t believe me? Tim Cook (Apple) wakes up around 4AM and sends out work emails at 4:30AM! Richard Branson (Virgin) wakes up at 5:45AM! Indra Nooyi ( PepsiCo) wakes up at 4:30AM! Howard Schultz (Starbucks) gets up at 4:30AM and is at his office desk by 6AM. The early morning is a great time and they tap into its energies. Rising early ensures they have more willpower. Also, waking up early can help them take time out for personal priorities like exercise and family. Not to forget the morning is the best time to contemplate upcoming decisions of the day! 

  • The Payoff Is Never Their Motivation:

    When a big turnover or takeover of a firm is in the news, ordinary people just pass comments such as “Oh, it’s all about the money.” “They will work day and night to make money”, “They can’t think of anything other than money.” Such statements are not true in any respect. These are infuriating for entrepreneurs. While success is a driving force for those becoming an entrepreneur, it is not the slightest motivation for the super-successful. They work very hard but that is to fulfill their passion and provide services to people; not because they are expecting a large compensation in exchange.  


The super-successful are that breed of people who have taken every failure ever experienced and turned the table around since. Their focus, perseverance and ability to turn an average rock into a coveted gem is worthy inspiration for those becoming entrepreneurs!