sachin mittal
sachin mittal

Almost every breathing moment of our lives we are taking decisions. To blink or not to blink? To turn left or go straight ahead? What to wear to your best friend’s wedding? To enroll for a college degree? To become an entrepreneur? To loan money from the bank? To give wings to your idea or let it fizzle out? These are ALL decisions! Decisions do come in all shapes, sizes and carry a degree of importance. But decision making is ‘rocket science’ in its own right. Making the right decision taxes our minds, challenging us to new levels. But what exactly is the ‘right’ decision?

What Is A Wrong Decision?

A clichéd piece of advice is as follows:
“To make the right decision it is important to take all things into consideration.”

Wait, how do you know that you’re taking “all things” into consideration? How does that make any sense, you ask?

To me, no ‘decision’ in itself is right or wrong. What makes decisions all-pervasive and inescapable? It is their consequences! It is the final result that makes us look back and exclaim “Oh, what a bad decision I had made!” or “That was the best decision I have ever made in my life!”

It Is Okay To Make Poor Decisions From Time To Time

I may be young but in this short life as yet, I have made some rather poor decisions. I have pursued many a bad decision to a point where it became self destructive. It would be right to say I would not be who I am given I had not taken those decisions. Some bad decisions led me to the darkest hours of my life; some confused me about my identity; some bad decisions have made me laughing stock in society; some others detached me from my true passions and goals. But, radically, I owe those bad decisions all my wisdom. While fire-fighting your way out of the consequences of a bad decision, I gained nuggets of experience and wisdom, a sense of right and wrong, sharpened my instincts, channelized my inner voice, and the understanding that I, myself, am my truest and most influential ally in this life.

How To Make The ‘Right’ Decision?

Decisions play a pivotal role in our lives as they are our window to opportunities. These opportunities could be of various natures- career-wise or even romantic. So what should we remember while making decisions? Travel in time. (Well, not literally..unless you actually can secretly..!) The best way to assess if you’re making the right decision would be to visualize the consequences of the same.

This visualization is powerful and can help you make up your mind once and for all. A mentality prevails- If I choose the ‘best’ option available, I have made the right decisions. This proves false in various scenarios so we must not get carried away by it. Here are some things I swear by while taking decisions:

  • The Right State Of Mind- The worst decisions are made when you are tired or worn out or simply not in the state of mind conducive to thinking about the subject matter. Also, decisions taken in haste can be scarring so make sure you are calm and composed, ready to expend energy on thought and speculation.
  • Ask For Advice– Do not shy away from asking for advice. If you believe there may be someone who could genuinely help in decision making, swallow your pride and soak up their advice! Be careful about who you seek out for advice. Remember advice coming from an outsider must be customized to best suit your situation.
  • Monitor Your Decision Making Patterns– Instinctive? Impulsive? Risk-taking? Sober? You could fit into any category of decision-makers. The better understanding you gain of which category you fall into, the clearer will be your thought-process while taking a decision. You might jump to a solution or fixate on one decision or procrastinate making the decision or even be unable to make up your mind; understanding how to take decisions will help.
  • Listen To Your Inner Voice– Do not underestimate the power of your inner voice or signals from your intuition. Very often it helps us take decisions which are fulfilling. Combining the colossal power of facts and statistics with your gut feeling can help you come to a substantial decision.
  • Work To Support Your Decision– Irrespective of what decision you made or which option you picked, it can only achieve its full potential with the support of your hard work and commitment towards it. A slack attitude after picking the ‘best’ option will not make you successful and that should not surprise you!

It has been established that there is no foolproof method to know you’ve taken the right decision unless you wait for the situation to play out and live it. Don’t fret when you realize something did not pan out optimally. Use the experience to enrich yourself!