sachin mittal
sachin mittal

One of the common questions that people always ask me, or for that matter to any successful entrepreneur I guess is what separates top entrepreneurs from everyone else. Well there are two ways of answering this…one the usual reasons that everyone talks about, everyone knows…aspects such as hard work, determination, work ethics, ability to learn from failure, passion, etc, etc. However, there are certain less obvious and rarely talked about traits, which are though as crucial as the others if not more,  in separating the super successful from the general pack. The following five behaviours I believe are what separate the super successful from the rest.

  1. Doing Away with Decision Fatigue

Did you know that with every decision you take, however big or small, there’s always a bit of a decision fatigue that you experience. Let’s put it this way, your passion or your will power is like a water tank. When you get up in the morning, the tank is full. But with every decision you take, it empties little by little. The trick is to save your willpower and energy for the bigger and more important decisions than letting it all trickle away with the smaller decisions you go on making throughout the day. There’s a reason why Mark Zuckerberg always wears his patent grey tee and black hoodie, why Ferriss has the same meal every morning. Decision fatigue from mundane decisions such as these or the great ones for your life and business? Take a pick.

  1. The Art of Saying No

One of the greatest behavioral traits of the super successful is that they know where, who and how to say no. We have always been taught to be ready to do everything, seek every opportunity that comes our way for success. As a result, we end up being a tired and stressed out entity somehow balancing precariously on the tight rope at the intersect of own priorities and effective team work. Research has shown that the supper successful people say no to almost everything. Reason? Simple. They keep their time and energy for things they really want to do and minimize wasting them towards tasks of low-priority obligation.

  1. They are comfortable with boredom

Super successful people have all the resources for everything in life – travel, entertainment, adventure, and the list goes on. However, most of them often embrace boredom. This is specially true for big names in sports or in the performing arts sphere. Swimmier Michael Phelp’s pre-practiced actions that were rigid, repetitive and of course boring is what developed his mind and body for the success in the pool. For all of us, sticking to a routine, practicing repetition in skills which we want to succeed in, are all crucial. Ultimately, when it is about personal or business development, growth & success are usually functions of slow and incremental (read boring) improvements.

  1. Not working on their weaknesses

‘What are your weaknesses and what do you do to improve upon it? – The eternal interview question! The usual ready answer? Trying to be focused? Undergoing training, etc right? Well, the supper successful people do not waste time on working on their weaknesses to be honest. The reason they are super successful is primarily because they identify their strong areas and channelize all their focus and attention to hone that instead. Someone once very rightly said that if one tries to be good at everything, he would never be great at anything. The choice is yours.

  1. The Alarm Time

Yes, believe it or not, the supper successful do wake up before the sun rises. Research on all the CEOs and the multimillionaire entrepreneurs of the world…and you’ll get only one thing in common…their wake up time. Starting from Thatcher to Branson, this is true. So the next time you are hitting that snooze button on your phone, remember, there are people who have meditated, exercised, engaged in their choice of creative work and are already ready to start a fresh and productive day!

So now that you know the 5 secret behavioural traits of the super successful…what are you waiting for? Get going and make it big in life!