Problems Make You Better Than Good, They Make You The Best – Sachin Mittal


A decision is made taking various factors into consideration the success of which cannot be certain. There are multiple players in the implementation of events and it usually does not go as planned. I have learned this the hard way. No matter how fool proof you think your plan is, there is a high possibility that it may turn out to be something you least expected. It has happened to me so many times that I have somehow made myself aware of the uncertainty factor of planning, implementation and realization of goals.

Problems help you think out of the box

Throughout my journey I have realized that problems are constant. They are not really that bad. They help you think out of the box and work your way through a sea of obstacles. But again, not everyone can swim. Thus, with my experiences, I would like to enlighten as many people as possible about how to cope up with the tough situations and come out as a winner. Maybe, these might not work at one go, but in the long run, you will benefit.

I am not one of the ‘on the surface’ entrepreneurs. I speak out of my experiences. I have faced various tough spots in my life, full of confusion and chaos. But the passion in my heart was so strong that I got up each time and tried my best to give my best. I was always certain that I would not be a good employee because I could work well as a leader and was bad at following. So I decided that I would give a shot to a start up. I got very emotional when I realized that there were many like me. But then I realized that what made me stand apart was my zeal and enthusiasm that many lacked.

I have changed for the better

I have changed as an entrepreneur, only for the better. If people say that there are no sure shot techniques that you could follow to become better, when it comes to this, I beg to differ. I would beg to differ. To start with

  1. Stay focused: focus is the key to success. Do whatever it takes to stay focused. Every morning just remind yourself as to why you are doing what you are doing. Trust me it will work for you. It did for me and now I am not really struggling
  2. Be rational at all times: there will be times when you will be in a dilemma. But that time what you will need the most is a sense of rationality. You need to analyse the situation without any personal preferences and you will definitely get a good result that might save you from a huge mess in future.
  3. Always have backups: like I have already mentioned that things never go as per the plan, you must always be prepared for the worse and have a safe route ready just in case you need it.
  4. Create networks: in this era, network can make or break a deal. Try and integrate yourself to multiple organizations in various fields. This helps a big deal.

These are some pointers that have helped me get out of many sticky situations. There are some difficulties in every entrepreneur’s path, but that is the fun part to it. You will realize that everyone is good, but these problems make you better than good, they make you the best.