Sachin Mittal Lists the 5 things that Successful People Never Do!

sachin mittal
sachin mittal

Firstly, let me tell you…I have ended up doing all these 5 things sometime or the other! And each time the results of these made be very very unhappy.  Hence, I speak from experience. Also, to begin with, I would like to establish my own credentials to prove how I deserve to write this article. I have been a failure as an Engineering student, I have been a failure as an IAS aspirant. I have been extremely successful as a loan agent but ultimately got blacklisted by a bank, etc, etc…so you see I have had my share of being a failure. However, now that I own a number of companies and am successfully generating employment for many, I guess I do have a few successes as well. But as I said previously, I do know about failures and these are the 5 things that failures usually do, infact which is precisely why they fail.

They believe in the word ‘failure’

When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, he didn’t really say “I failed 200 times before making this.” So there is a big difference between failing and experimenting or practicing. Yes, okay so if you live on this earth for 70 years without doing a thing, that might be a failure. But all these current instances in your life that you see as failure? As long as you learn from them and get better, aren’t they the ‘experiments’ or ‘practice’?  Brain Science says, when a person makes a mistakes, he repeats (practices) till he gets it perfectly. Thus, the more mistakes you make, the better it is for you since you get better and better. People who get it right the first time wrongly interpret ‘being lucky’ as ‘being good in what he does’. Essentially luck is not equal to being good. Mistakes + Practice = Good.

They promise less and deliver more

Everyone has been taught to under promise (so that they are safe) and then over deliver (so that they are considered good). But I guess 50million employees are doing the same thing. So how can you be different? Simple. You don’t. With this strategy you remain a failure. The way to go about this is to Over Promise and Over Deliver. Over promise which sets you apart from the rest and then slightly over deliver which sets you apart from the ones already delivering.

They have a lot of ‘accidents’ (Read excuses)

You are sick. Your dog is sick. Your grandfather just died. It was raining too heavily. Basically, people who give a lot of excuses for something not being done are not ready for the next step. That’s all there is to it. These excuses don’t really fool anyone, apart from your own self, if you think of it.

They don’t do that little bit extra or do it differently

Taking Gandhi as an example, he was fighting for independence which a lot of people were doing at that point of time. But while 3000 of them were engaging in somewhat similar violent forms, he came out with a completely novel way that has never been done before. Fighting in the non-violent form. That’s what we all should be doing for success. Focus on what needs to be done and taking it to an all new level by thinking out of the box. While everyone is trying to do it, how can you do it in a way that has never been done before?

They take all the Credit

People who fail are basically insecure. They do some little thing at work and then they need all the credit for it. What one needs to do is to give credit, because that’s what everyone else wants right? Think of yourself as a bank. A credit bank. Giving credit to everyone. So, if anyone wants credit, he comes to you! Bingo! You automatically become the leader!

So think about these…choice is yours – to be a failure or to take yourself to the next level?