sachin mittal
sachin mittal

As mortals, we can’t control what happens to us and our families during the course of life. It is only within our powers to control our response to those situations; some of which cause joy and some anxiety and grief.

How can we define ‘trials’? Going by the Holy Bible, trials are a result of when things do not go our way. They may stem out of ‘desires’ to attain what we cannot obtain. Trials are a means of the Almighty testing your authenticity of heart and thoughts; how genuine is your faith and how pure your deepest intentions are. Lessons of obedience are learnt through trials. They also create a resistance of wrongdoing and “to prune away dead wood so you can be more fruitful..”. During a trying time, faith and belief in the Almighty is a huge support (or fallback) for many people.
Others prefer to lie low and let the storm pass. Some others may choose to stand straight and look troubles in the eye! Which approach do you take to face the trials and tribulations that crop up in your everyday life?

Trials In Our Personal Lives

We are most affected when we lose things precious to us. It may be the loss of a loved one- either our parent, mentor, friend or lover. It may be the loss of our most prized possession. Such losses make us suffer and grieve and it takes ample time and conscious effort to overcome these phases in life. However, there is no magical immunity from personal struggles and trials!

What Trials Teach Us

Trials are unique to each one of us. I would like to believe they help mould us into better individuals; just like how precious metals have to be refined by various external processes! In entirety, each trial presents a different challenge and affects us differently. Thus, each has an ingrained lesson for you. Trials can make you change your perspective altogether- it alters attitudes and our fixed sets of beliefs. To overcome a trial, it requires patience. We learn to persevere and sweat through difficulties. We often learn to be compassionate and gain a certain amount of insight on life; thus become wiser as well. The faithful believe that God only tests those who he considers to be his true children and so trials empower them spiritually.

Experiencing trials also make us empathetic. It teaches us to reach out to those experiencing them and offer help, guidance and warmth.

Trials Faced During The Entrepreneurial Journey

Every entrepreneur is faced with various kinds of trials- big or small. No aspect of being an entrepreneur gets immunity from adverse circumstances.

  • Opposition: A hundred existing companies, a hundred friends turned foes, a hundred new competitors; there will be opposition! It may be the core of your idea or the conviction you have in it- there will be opposition!
  • Contacts: Not having the right contacts in the entrepreneurial hub sets people back. Lots of challenges can be resolved easily if you know the right people in the community of Start Ups. At the same time, being very well connected may also lead to your ideas being stolen and replicated, your venture being overtaken, or business friends turning foes.
  • De-Motivated Staff: Although people generalize entrepreneurship as a one-man show, the team a person works can make or break the venture. The morale of the team shifts and changes as per the success of the company with their clients. Sometimes employees abandon the business during a crucial time and may leak professional secrets-from formulations to blueprints. If the staff is not motivated enough, the environment can turn ugly.
  • Funding: “It’s all in the pitch” they say but I beg to differ. There are many more factors influencing how consistently funds will pump into business and keep it alive. Many entrepreneurs stop receiving funding suddenly due to an argument or a strained relationship with their financiers/venture capitalists. Also, an excess of funds may lead to laundering within the team members.
  • Vision: While the product/service may thrive in today’s environment, it could get shunned next year. Many entrepreneurs jump into bringing their bright idea into existence without considering the implications of the future. While it is good to enjoy the present success, the lack of a clear vision can lead to a quick wrap up while the entrepreneur is in flight.

Change Your Attitude Towards Trials

Everybody faces them! Everybody! Understand that the blessing of entrepreneurship is the ability to see solutions before the rest of the world can. How you will communicate that solution to the rest of the world, who is yet unknowing, can be difficult and may turn into a curse (!) So what’s the challenge? To keep going strong, irrespective of the various obstacles and tribulations that come your way!