sachin mittal
sachin mittal

I am sure nobody is a stranger to betrayal. It causes people to change. Betrayal deals a person an immeasurable amount of anger, emotional pain and humiliation. Long-standing trust issues in further interactions of our lives are a consequence of betrayal. The betrayal of the country is punishable in the court of law. Some individuals are broken because of betrayal and take days, and even months to recover. Some people take those who betrayed them to task- a deadly game of revenge begins- and never really ends. But have you been in a situation wherein you had no choice than to betray someone?

When Should You Betray Someone

You might have read the sub-heading and screamed out “Never!!!”.  It is true, betrayal should never be intentionally acted out on. But what if you were in possession of facts that made it a matter of life and death for someone you cared for? Would you choose to maintain your word of trust or sell them out?

When we are close to someone, it is absolutely natural to share information. There may come a time when you are told of what someone close to you plans to do. The motives could be harmless- just to crack a joke on someone or to seek silly revenge. Sometimes, it can be a little more harmful. Sometimes you might find out on someone’s plan to sabotage your friend’s business. Sometimes you might find out someone’s plan to ruin your friend’s relationship.

If you are aware of someone’s intentions to harm someone you know/care about, you have two choices. You could try to talk them out of it and rationalize with them. Or you could immediately tell their plans out loud and betray them.

But this is not the case if you are aware of someone’s intentions to cause harm to themselves. If you are aware of someone’s intentions of self-harm, YOU MUST BETRAY THEM. It must be done without a second thought. You may help save a life by exposing their plan. Nothing should make you feel guilty- such promises are never meant to be kept. You must reach out for help- start with family and friends. If required it is important to go and get a psychologist involved. Remember, this ‘betrayal’ can save a life.

Betrayal As A Teacher

I believe the experience of betrayal evolves a person. It may sound absurd, but betrayal is a great teacher. Here are some of the things betrayal makes me do.

  • It makes me introspect to see if me as a person had any role to play causing such a breach of trust.
  • It makes me stronger from the inside. While this may sound a tad silly and unreal, it is true! When dealing with betrayal, I try to convert the negative energies, mental pain and anguish by working hand-in-hand with my real self. It puts me back in touch with myself.
  • It makes me stop and re-think who I am invested in and how much. This re-evaluation is necessary from time to time to better understand who are close to and whether we should continue or withdraw.
  • It makes me count my blessings!

Betrayal As A Teacher: Entrepreneurship and Business

If you are a businessman or an entrepreneur, you will have to face betrayal at many stages of your journey. Even though entrepreneurs are urged to maintain ethics and integrity, your ideas may get stolen. Your business partner may bail on you. Your business partner may become your biggest competitor using everything he ever learnt from you or you learnt together. It could be a process, it could be a plan for the future, it could be financial- betrayal is commonplace in business. It makes entrepreneurs exercise their intuition. They are innately careful, alert and receptive to the chances of betrayal. Betrayal teaches caution. Betrayal makes you re-analyze everything you ever knew. Betrayal also motivates businessmen into working extra hard.
While the experience of betrayal can leave a more than bitter taste in the mouth, take a moment to consider its virtues and the role it plays in evolving us as human beings. Betrayals are exclusive to none and so we must learn what it offers to teach!