You Get So Used To Being an Entrepreneur That It Becomes a Lifestyle: Sachin Mittal

sachin mittal
sachin mittal

Being an entrepreneur, according to some, is a huge risk. You might wonder why. The reason is that there is no looking back. Being an entrepreneur is not a full time or a part time job. It is a lifestyle. So that implies that once you start living a lifestyle, you get so used to it that it becomes almost impossible to switch. That is exactly the case with being an entrepreneur. There are no back up plans. Once you are an entrepreneur, it becomes a way of life, it becomes your living.

You do not get a readymade action plan

Unlike a part time or a full time job, you do not get a readymade action plan. You are the policy maker. Not only that, you need to understand and device the course of action from the scratch.

As an entrepreneur, I know, for certain that this is a lengthy and time consuming procedure. And the best part is, your decisions and thinking pattern is very much affected by your own personality. This makes your plans distinct from the rest. It reflects you as a person and once it is devised it becomes your responsibility. The success or failure of it becomes your responsibility. You cannot run away from it, instead you need to give your days and nights to make it perfect. This is not an option when talking of a part time or full time job.

Getting a pay check is not the goal of an entrepreneur. At least, of a genuine one. An entrepreneur wants to learn and grow all the time. They do not want to stop. They want to evolve through it all. Therefore, there is no one goal per say.  Entrepreneurs work like a relay match. They set a goal, run and accomplish it. It is not the end but the beginning of another task. They achieve that and set another limit. It is like a chain of events, just that the chain has no end to it.

The days do not end

You cannot say bye to your work. The days do not end. You become so inclined towards enhancing productivity that resignation no longer remains an option for you, quite literally. You might count on the number of sacrifices you have made to become an independent entrepreneur, but you will also realize the fact that being an entrepreneur is what you are the best at. Being independent is what you are best in. it is not an option for you, it is how you live best.

To conclude, I, as an entrepreneur, would like to tell and motivate all the young and energized people that this path is not a formality. It becomes a part of your life. To be precise, it becomes your life after a while. So you cannot expect to not turn up for work because of Monday blues. Well, of what I have experienced you will never want to cheat on your work, because an entrepreneur is in love with his work, an entrepreneur loves his life.

Good luck!