Sachin says – The bigger a person’s doubt, the stronger his or her belief

sachin mittal
sachin mittal

People say that to question is to move a step closer to knowing the truth and working efficiently. Till you do not doubt it, you do not know the unbiased picture. Beliefs and doubts go hand in hand, there are no confusions in that. The more you doubt, the stronger your beliefs get. You need to believe that you can do it, and you also need to believe at the same time that there are chances of failures.

Failure in inevitable

There are two types of people. The first group remains firm. They know exactly what they want to do and hence their plans are final. Then there are these second types of people. They are not well tuned to fail and hence, when they do, they doubt and question. Some might be fooled in understanding that the first kind is better. But they need to understand, simultaneously, that a plan is just not dependent on the individual alone. It is an amalgamation of several factors. Some of these factors cannot be controlled and hence, failure in inevitable.

A true entrepreneur is the one who knows that he will fail with time, but he will always have an opportunity to understand the reasons behind his failure. Once he knows that, there is no looking back. Had he not embraced it gracefully and analyzed it critically, he would not have questioned the situation and made amends to rectify it. This makes a learner and grower.

Doubts shape beliefs

Doubts make up and shape up beliefs. The more you doubt, the closer you move to the truth, as already mentioned before. A person who has faith in something, has definitely doubted its existence one time or the other. It is also said the stronger the doubt, the stronger is the faith.

I have realized this as an entrepreneur. You will question your actions, a lot of times. You will doubt your ideas and goals. And then some voice in your head will say that you need to ignore and suppress these thoughts. But that is not what the need of the hour is. You need to listen to these doubts and not fight it. You need to pay attention to it and work on it head on.

Identify your doubts

You will first have to identify your doubts, maybe by self talking. You need to convert a negative into positive and take control over your fears. You then need to ignore the negative people who pull you down. Keep reminding yourself of your successes and what role it has in your current situation. Lastly, and most importantly, never give up. You need to try again and work harder. Question the imperfections and run towards making them perfect. Had you not questioned or doubted it, you wouldn’t have shaped your beliefs. These beliefs set you apart from the others.

The more you doubt, the stronger your beliefs get. And that makes you an entrepreneur. Never stop yourself from questioning what is. That will give you an answer to what should be.