Using Social Media Makes Our Lives More And More Miserable: Sachin Mittal

sachin mittal
sachin mittal

Social media is the new cool thing and rightly so. It can let you do so many things so easily. It connects and integrates people in ways that were not even thought of before. But is there just the positives attached to it? Not really. There are certain bad things about social media. Believe it or not, it makes you more miserable.

It is just not about the Instagram pictures that you have wanted to post of your new product, or the several Facebook fanpage additions. Sometimes, it becomes the medium to show to others what your life is all about and hence your brand. Sometimes, it becomes all about self respect and dignity. It can sound shocking but it is true.

There is no doubt in the fact that networking is important to build a connection that can help not only entrepreneurs but also people in general to know and learn more. But this does not mean that it is only ups. They have certain negatives as well. Some ways in which social media makes you miserable are:

It lets you get used to things that are not real

Thanks to the new technology and the terms and functions such as ‘like’, it has nearly become impossible to think without letting your mind wander into this direction. Well, those who have a life outside social media, will know that it is not so easy to like or comment per say. The thing is, when you are on the net, there is no one to one contact with the person you are connecting with. Even if your actions have repercussions, it remains virtual. But people do not consider the long term impact of this. Yes, relationships are ruined and jobs are lost. So it is necessary to separate the two worlds from each other rationally.

It makes you lose the human touch

Yes! People get addicted to social media and its ways. They get so used to the fact that they can stay in front of the screen and do exactly what they would do in  person that it  prevents them from thinking otherwise. If you keep yourself busy on social media, and it has been scientifically proven, you will forget now to interact with people. You will tend to get awkward and that is not good for anyone, let aside entrepreneurs.

You forget to live in the moment

People get so fascinated with the concept of likes and swipes that they forget to enjoy themselves and live in the moment. The cheesecake they’ve been wanting to eat since two weeks boils down to the perfect Instagram picture. People become all about glorification. This is never advisable.

Separate private and public life

This is no doubt crucial for someone who wants a serious career. They must be aware of the fact that there are online screenings and your social media profile can make or break the situation.

So it is not really only rainbows and butterflies. There are some intricate issues that need to be understood and addressed as far as social media is concerned. It is definitely not a bane for mankind, it has made the impossible possible. But there is a limit to it too that needs to be acknowledged.

My Mantra? Go Social and live real!