We all are not self sufficient. We all need someone to help us when we are in a dilemma. There are times when we just cannot gather our thoughts and think straight. And I am sure you know what I am talking about. That is when you go to people you trust and believe in, for advice. But they are not always helpful.

You need to save yourself the time and ask these 3 questions. These will help you understand whether it is actually necessary to look for advice or will it not help?

  1. Do you need external advice?

Sometimes, the answer lies with you. But you over-think and complicate the matter. In such a situation you need to calm down, sit and think. Maybe, you will be able to solve it yourself. The point here is, you know the situation. You know exactly what the confusion is. You will be the best person to solve the problem. Hence, you need to rationally see whether you need external advice at all. If you think you will be able to control the situation, why go anywhere else?

  1. Can you trust the advisor whole heartedly?

Sometimes, people tend to get anxious and hurriedly take an advice from someone they do not know much. But are the suggestions fool-proof? If they are not then the effect can be extremely unfortunate and fatal. Thus, you need to be very careful as to who you approach.

If you have known them for long and if you trust them, then probably you will not face any difficulties. But if these two conditions are not met, chances are that you might have to solve the problem yourself. Any way you choose, you will require a calm and composed mind to look into the matter and advice yourself.

  1. Will you be able to handle the facts and truths?

This is again one of the most important questions. Sometimes, the advisor can be brutally honest. And well, those are the best kind of advisors. They will be straight forward and honest. They will show you the situation THAT IS and not what IT CAN BE. Hence, you must be ready to hear everything out. Sometimes, all you need is validation. If that is what you are looking for, you might not feel too good about taking an advice. Advices should be honest and blunt and you should be ready for it. If you are not, you can delay the session for a few days.

These are the three important questions you need to ask before you look for advice. The only reason for this exercise is that you do not end up hurting yourself or wasting your time. Both are precious. And this is only by experience.

I have looked out for advice innumerable times, and I have realized the importance of these questions with time. Just be calm and practical. The rest will definitely fall in place.