Curiosity Is The Key To Learning New Skills And Becoming More Versatile


Curiosity is the mother of all discoveries and inventions

The first fire lighted up by the ancient homo sapiens was perhaps out of curiosity.  It resulted in making the first big difference between human beings and animals. Learning new skills, using them to acquire versatility and thus becoming a supreme power has been the habit of the human species for ages. Mankind has produced great leaders who could master newer skills, by improvising the older ones or discarding them and discovering newer ones.

New skills have always been the key to success

Think about the man who invented the wheels. Can we relate him to, say suppose, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. In a way, yes. These people have been path-breakers. They used their skills, invented something and changed the lifestyle of their generations and the generations after. By imposing newer skills, these people achieved success, became urban legends. These people polished their skills and brought about a new level of thinking and by doing so, achieved versatility in their own fields of work.

Curiosity led to achieving newer skills

We all know that Sir Isaac Newton discovered the Laws of Gravity. History books say that he was sitting under an apple tree and saw the ripe apples fall on the ground. And yes, he was curious. He had questions which did not have answers. He had to get answers so he pursued with higher physics and mathematics to explain his curiosity.

It is out of curiosity that Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin or Christopher Columbus discovered America. It is out of the same curiosity that Zero was invented by Aryabhatta or a thousand years later Telephone was invented by Graham Bell. Curiosity never did kill the cat, rather, it nourished it. Let me put it in this way, if you are not curious, you have accepted status quo. There is nothing anybody can do about you, your career. In short, you are doomed for good.

Curiosity makes a person versatile

If you want to grow up, you have to know. If you need to know, you will have to ask questions. Without asking questions, without being curious, growth is possible only for an amoeba, not a human being. We need to utilize our grey cells in order to grow up, develop our skills and be unique. That is success.

Nobel Laureate Marie Curie once quoted, “Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood”. If anybody wishes to become successful, develop new skills and is inclined to be versatile in his or her field, it is high time that you discard the status quo, the sense of complacency that surrounds you and get going.

See around you. Point out the things you do not understand. Ask questions, clear you doubts. Improvise. Invent. Discover. And the world will be yours.