Sachin Mittal Lists The Top 10 Habits Of An Ultra Likeable Leader


A leader is born and not created. You can never force an individual to learn the skills of a confident and effective leader. Either you have the capability or you do not. Leaders are extremely crucial and necessary for any organization. They make or break the functioning and can motivate the employees to reach new heights. But how do you know a good leader from a not so good one? There are certain habits of an ultra likeable leader. This article talks about this very concept.

  1. They know exactly how to create and manage networks

For a leader, networks and contacts are very important. They should know exactly how to connect on a personal level. People who can communicate and express correctly will definitely be able to lead productively.

  1. They can be contacted as and when required

Leaders should be such who can be reached when the situation demands. People who are not approachable cannot be called good leaders. Leaders know exactly how to manage their time and hence should make time for those who look up to them. People who have time only for themselves and are self absorbed, can definitely not be called a good leader.

  1. They are grounded

Yes, being a leader is a thing of pride. But that should not compel you to feel too high of yourself. Leaders are supposed to be humble and grounded so that subordinates can relate and connect with them easily.

  1. They are optimistic

Leaders can choose to be pessimistic or optimistic. It is however seen that leaders who are hopeful at all times are in a better position to take their organization to heights. Hence, they know how to show the brighter side of everything.

  1. They do not show off

Leaders are not stuck up in nature. Hence, they will not cry for their failures and celebrate for their successes for a long time. They are intelligent enough to collect things from both experiences and move ahead.

  1. They give attention to details

This quality is not present in a lot of people. This makes them different. Hence, they give great attention to details and know exactly what is going on. This is a very important thing as far as effective leaders are concerned.

  1. They will never be condescending

This is also very important. A good leader will never look down upon the people who are working for him. He will consider all to be his equal and will move ahead with them.

  1. He knows how to be diplomatic

Sometimes it is very difficult to please everyone in a firm. A leader understands that. He will handle every conflict in such a way that no one is hurt or displeased. This will maintain harmony and peace.

  1. Calm and composed

A leader will face many nerve wrecking situations. At those times, it is the leader who will calm others down and motivate them to move ahead. Hence, a leader is calm and composed at all times, irrespective of the situation.

  1. He is diligent

A leader is supposed to be not only decisive but also diligent. He should be aware of all that is going on and should be in a position to take decisions without any confusions. This will set leaders apart from exceptional leader.

These are a few qualities of brilliant and ultra likeable leaders. Like already mentioned, leaders are a necessity and hence, should be searched for when looking for a leader.