Sachin Mittal Points Out What Separates A Smart Leader From An Average Leader


We all know that being average is common. There is nothing bad about it, but what an organization needs is a smart leader. A firm will go through several ups and downs. That is when it needs someone to keep it intact and functioning. An average leader might go with the flow, but a smart one will know how to take the call. This article, will thus, talk about what separates a smart leader from an average one.

  1. A smart leader knows that each and every individual is important

There are times, when the process of delegation becomes difficult. Maybe because of the size of the firm or because of the nature of its functioning. But a smart leader will try and take that for granted. He will try and distribute the work and tasks in such a way that everyone has some work assigned to them. The lowest strata will be allowed to voice their opinions, and these suggestions will be taken seriously. Yes, it is a gigantic task but that is what sets a smart leader apart from an average one. It is a smart leader who will be able to device a way to do this.

  1. He will be grounded and understand the business cycles

Like I have already mentioned, there are both ups and downs in a firm. But that is when the real challenge doubles for the leaders. They have to lead the organization through the chaos as well as stay focused. In case of a positive environment they will have to focus on taking advantage of it and work even harder to maintain the positivity. In case of a negative environment, they will have to know exactly what motivates the people engaged with the concern. Thus, it is just not what the organization goes through, but also how it sails through the storm.

  1. They are decisive and think of the future

Smart leaders will be concerned about the long term planning and not only the short term one. They will know that it is very necessary to be on time, but what is to be noted is that they will have a forward looking as well as a backward looking approach. That is where the difference arises. A smart leader will learn, most definitely, from the past experiences and use it for the firm’s advantage. An average leader might be forward looking, but will he be able to incorporate the lessons learned in past effectively is a question.

  1. He is a major and consistent asset for the organization

I have come across both smart as well as average leaders. But the fact is that a smart leader is a major and a consistent asset for the concern. An average leader is an asset too, but might not be in the state to manage the things that are expected out of a successful leader. An average leader can definitely work on his negatives because what a concern needs is a smart leader and not an average one!