Start Ups are business enterprises of entrepreneurial nature which may be companies or partnerships. These organizations are responsible to work on new business modes which may be scalable and repeatable as well. They create new business ideas, innovate developmental processes and validate and research on markets that have been targeted.

Work culture in a Start Up

Start Up companies have been showing newer dimensions regarding work culture. I think that stress should be laid on criteria like identity, core values, talent strategy and growth strategy, mission of the company and of course relationship between the executives, while setting up a Start Up company.

It is necessary to articulate the values and vision to move in the right direction and the same values must be passed on to the employees. This is the only way one can climb the ladder of success. You must understand that generating positivity in the work culture can boost up the morale and do wonders to your organization. This can be translated into higher productivity and lower redressal among employees in the organization. The positivity is also reflected in the client-company relation, leading to more offers and happy collaborations.

Start Up Culture has distinctive differences with Corporate Culture

Start Up Culture promotes the voice for every employee. Relaxed dress codes, incorrect political correctness are allowed in such organizations. There is a tendency of personal ownership of the work done by an employee is promoted and his and her responsibility is greater in a Start Up. Also, in such an organization, the culture is easy-going and relaxed and an employee can get to know his or her value in the organization. Each day is a different challenge in such an organization.

Ideal leadership is essential for the success of Start Ups

Able leaders can do wonders to any organization. This is an age-old fact. A leader with vision, tenacity, creative ideas and management skills have, for ages, held the reigns of success in any field, may it be in the corporate houses or any other sectors. Start Up companies, being comparatively new entrants in the corporate sectors, need able leadership.

It is necessary for an ideal leader to build up a team and not to build up departments in the organization and foster the team balance as well. I would suggest breaking the status quo that may be present within this team and go for a flat hierarchy – an office without any bosses. An ideal leader in such an organization should be keen to maintain transparency and share with everybody the real picture as the where the company is heading to.

What an ideal leader should avoid in a Start Up

I would suggest that when you are hiring an employee for your Start Up, do not go for individual charisma that might that might hinder a “culture fit”.

It is also fine that Start Up companies do have a relaxed culture, but, one should be aware of too much spending on “fun accounts”.

There are risks of taking emotional decisions but this factor should be stressed upon in such an organization.

An ideal leader should also establish a fine line of veto power in spite of flat hierarchy. Democracy is a must for Start Ups but at one point of time, taking a final call by the leader is essential.

Finally, I would stress on the point that the main mission is to earn profit and make the organization grow and it is up to the leader to guide his or her compatriots to share the same dream.