Leaders are an inevitable part of an organization. We all know the fact that leadership qualities are not acquired. They are inbuilt. And hence we can very well state the fact that leaders are born and not made.

There are some people who know that they have the capability to lead others but they do not voice themselves. The reason being that they think they are not capable enough. This is conditioned by the presence of more intelligent people in the organization. But it is always to be remembered that sometimes we must lead those who are more intelligent than us. There are certain reasons as to why I am making this statement:

  1. Leadership and intelligence are not the same and hence cannot be used as synonyms

You read it right. I have, throughout my career, seen so many intelligent people who if made leaders of their respective firms will fail miserably. This is not because I want to pull them down but because I want to make the point clear. It is not necessary for an intelligent person to be a good leader and an organization needs one leader at all times. Thus, sometimes you need to lead the more intelligent people too.

  1. Leadership needs more than just intelligence

Leading an organization is not a child’s play and it is definitely not equal to intelligence. Yes, intelligence is one of the many qualities that is needed in a leader but it is not an end in itself. A leader needs to be many more things than just a genius. A leader needs to be decisive, calm and composed at all times. He needs to be firm and optimistic. A leader needs to have strong instincts and should be motivated to do the impossible. Intelligence is no doubt important but it comes after a few other qualities that are needed in a leader.

  1. Leaders need to have a very strong instinctive behavior

Yes, this is a necessity as far as leaders are concerned. It has been seen that intelligent people are risk averse. They work in a way that makes use of tried and tested methods. So much so that there is, usually, nothing to lose. But such cannot be the case for leaders. They need to have a very strong gut sense. They will have to be risk takers. Maybe they will have to propose ideas that are not backed by people, but they are responsible for its implementations. This is something that sets them apart from intelligent people.

Hence, these are the three important factors that clearly reflect the difference between a leader and an intelligent person. Yes, there are many cases when these two qualities intersect. It is to be remembered that there can be multiple intelligent people but only one leader. Someone has to lead. Thus, sometimes you might have to lead more intelligent people and that will result in the success of your concern.