Good Mentors Are Important For Any Growing Startups –Sachin MIttal


Have you ever felt that all that you can learn and will learn is through experiences and ‘trial and error methods’? Have you ever longed for a book that has all the solutions to the easier problems so that you can solve the bigger and the complex ones on time? Well this book is available and is extremely important for an organization. Well, this book is not a stereotypical business book; it comes as a human called a mentor. Yes, you heard it right. Mentors are the most crucial asset for an organization and must be present at par with whatever training program the institution deals with.

Nothing can be as valuable as experience

The reason why I say this is because in business and industry, nothing is or can be as valuable as experience. If there are people in the business sector who have already established their concerns successfully, they will be able to tell the newer entrepreneurs about a lot of problems and issues that can arise, which would never find a place in any book. That will not only save time but allow the mentors to channelize their knowledge and skills productively. Being an entrepreneur, you realize the importance of time and hence a mentor becomes a valuable asset for the business, there is no doubt in that.

If you ask me in what ways mentors are crucial for a startup, here goes:

  1. They share their experiences with you to make your life easy:

Yes, that is possible. No matter how dynamic the business environment is, there are certain problems that are recurring in nature. Say an issue with the labor union. A mentor will be able to tell you exactly what will satisfy them. Instead of thinking about the solution, you might just use their insights.

  1. They can be the support that you require:

An employee can feel stressful in the minutest of issues. They might require the push and motivation and that is exactly what a mentor provides. The mentors portray the rules and ethics that the organization stands for and it is easier to talk it out with a mentor than messing your tasks and holding grudges.

  1. They help you in getting familiar with the people of the firm:

When you are shifting departments, or shifting your job altogether, your mentor will help you in introducing yourself to the people already present. He will show you around and make you comfortable. He will explain the work setting to you and make you well acquainted with how it works.

  1. They can definitely be your inspiration:

Sometimes when you are looking for reasons to quit and give up, they can be the source of your inspiration. They will help you stay in the game with all your strength and power and make it through. They will push you to further your boundaries and set higher standards. These are definitely very important for an individual and for an organization as a whole.

These are a few reasons as to why you need mentors. They are an asset and should be treated in the same manner. They do not only help the employees but also the firm in the long run. Ultimately old is gold and good old solid experience…the best!