Why You Need a Business Mentor And How Do They Help You


Every venture requires a mentor. A question will definitely crop up: ‘is it necessary?’ It is a fact that we all learn with time. But when an individual enters the business sector, he realizes that there is too much going on at the same time. The dynamics of the environment change every second. Will it not be necessary to have someone who is experienced enough to break the conditions down to you so that you get an accurate understanding of what exactly is going on? That is what a mentor does. He guides you and shapes you in a way that somewhere down the line, you are in a position to guide and shape someone else who is an inexperienced as you.

Through this article, I aim at explaining to you why you need a business mentor and how exactly do they help you:

  1. Mentors will not only believe in theory but also in practical

After all the years of schooling, all that you understand is theory. But, you are now in an environment that is way more complex and messed up than your books portray it as. Mentors have been in your shoes. They were new to it too, but now they have been through tough times and have emerged out to be your mentors. They will be in a position to give you theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Trust me, when you start working, you will realize how important this is.

  1. You both want to get to the same point: business success

Things become better and easier because you and your mentor are definitely on the same page. You know what you and your initiatives are all about. Just that, you are slightly unaware of how to get there and your mentor is there to guide you. The road will get tough, but when you have a mentor with experience, it surely becomes a learning experience.

  1. They will clear all your doubts

When you are new in this field, you will have innumerable questions about how it all works. You might feel frustrated and confused. But your mentor will not only help you understand what your capabilities are, he will also help you understand what the external environment is about. He will support you through your issues and clear all your doubts. When in a mess, all you require is a boost and motivating factor and that is what a mentor does.

  1. He will not train you but will guide you

However you need to remember at all times that a mentor should not be confused with a counselor. Your relationship with your mentor is formal and you will have to draw a line between your private and professional life. He will not train you but will guide you through the situation. You will have to learn and grow in the process. Also, he will never give himself an upper hand. He will always give you credit for you accomplishments.

A mentor is a necessity and can make or break an organization. Trust the business mentor with your professional confidences and you will stand to benefit.