One Who Earns Money Must Know How To Spend It, And Many Do Not!


Success is a coveted thing. Millions… No…Billions and billions of people living in this world has one single desire- success. But, success comes to those who really deserve it, whatever field it may be, from education to relations, from profession to innovations.

The successful people around the world have some common traits, some distinct character, some qualities that made them be way above the others. Qualities like capability to work hard, tenacity, intelligence, positive frame of mind and similar ones are common factors between these people.

If the individual is cheap, getting rich won’t matter

Let us take success as a general term and discuss regarding success in career and profession. Success, in these cases, may be interpreted as being the leader, getting power and of course, making financial gains. Money is important to achieve a lot of other things and it helps in making a system run smoothly. However, there is one bit of problem. One who earns money must know how to utilize it, and many do not.

I have observed in a number of cases that people getting rich do not imply that his or her organization is also getting the share of the profit. This is mostly because of the flaws in the character of the individual. If the individual is cheap, getting rich won’t matter.

Being cheap is a malady

Being cheap is a malady and it is quite common too. I feel that such a disease is generated through lack of confidence and also lack of sensitivity. People who lack confidence may strike luck and get rich and their future programmes are built around protecting what he or she has achieved. That, I feel destroys the soul even more.

Earning money is important but even more important is spending the money for good causes. People who have more than enough wealth, the nation look upon them for donations for any good cause. Now, if such people, who can really afford to fund a good cause, stay away, because of the habit of cheapness, then what is the use of him of her being rich? I would go on to say that such people are enemies to the civil society.

Come out for the sake of greater good

Cheapness may also extend to affect the fields of arts and culture. It is those who can afford and are termed rich, generally provide patronage to arts and culture. Flaws such as cheapness will harm in the creation of newer art-forms that enrich our society.

My point is, if you are cheap and you are rich, it is the society as a whole that is being affected by you. So my appeal would be to all those who are inclined upon protecting your wealth and enjoying them all by yourselves, please come out of the shell for the sake of the greater good.