Real-World Experience Is Usually The Best Teacher: Sachin Mittal


Our dreams have the tendency to take us further than we are perhaps capable of.  Our desires are winged-creatures and fly away to places inaccessible, achieve feats that are unthinkable.  In the real world, where our feet touch the ground, most of our wishes are buried deep. But, some of them do get real.

The walks of life are never easy and plaited with flowers

A good education and a planned career option will do a lot of good to achieve your dreams but success or chasing targets in your life need a little more than that. I have seen many young men and women faltering in their way to achieve their dreams in spite of an excellent schooling, stint in business schools and even starting up entrepreneurial ventures. Somehow, hasty decisions, mostly out of inexperience, have caused the unanticipated blows, leading to failures.

How to build up your career step-by-step

I would suggest a step-by-step option for all the young men and women who are chasing their paths of glory and success.

Firstly, you do need a good education and take up a course that suits you, Do study hard because, whatever you learn in your student life is necessary to build up a solid foundation for your career.

Secondly, when you have multiple choices while applying for a job, prefer those where you have the chance to grow. Let’s say that you have been selected in two companies, one where the pay packet is good but the work is not exactly what you are looking for and the other where the pay packet is moderate but the work is just what you want to do. My suggestion is that you should take the second option.

Observe how the system works

Thirdly, and most importantly, keep a low profile for the first few years and observe how the system works. Gather experience from the work methods of the seniors. See how the seniors take short cuts to achieve the hitherto impossible tasks within stipulated timeframe.

Fourthly, respect your colleagues and always be modest. Do not give advices but do provide suggestions. If you want to grow yourself, modesty is a prime factor. It will help to gather more experience as your senior colleagues will guide you in the times of need. Do take responsibilities as what you need most in order to grow is a brush-up with the real world. By taking responsibilities, you will be out in the field to match your skills and intelligence against the others. If you fail, it will be a learning experience as to what not to be done the next time and if you achieve success that will boost up your confidence.

Mantra regarding how you should take the next step

Whatever theories you learn in the text books do matter in the walks of life, but, in whatever profession you are in, to move ahead, the experience that matters most is what you acquire in the real life. It is the walk you take on the road, the turns you make in your career, the decisions you make every day, provides you the mantra regarding how you should take the next step.

I would suggest to all of my friends and colleagues to be vigilant and observant in the walks of life and take lessons from what is being done, on a day-to-day basis, provided you wish to chase your dreams.