How To Keep Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Alive While Working For Someone Else: Sachin Mittal


It is the basic habit of a human being to seek peace and success in life. Success, though is a relative term and may define different ideas for different people, the general idea is always the same. Success means peace to some people, power or money to some and spiritualism to some, while some may opt for lavish lifestyle.

However, the burning desire and turning the dreams into reality has many hurdles in-between and very few actually are able to get 100% of their dreams turned to reality.

Challenges placed by the corporate world

After completing our education, it is natural for us to look for earning a living, get financial independence and stand on our own feet. However, those who wish to be the master of their own, sometimes lose out to the challenges placed by the corporate world. I have seen hundreds of such bright young people who have lost out to the pressure and forced to drop their dreams to do something else.

The results have varied from depression to blame games or sacrifices.

What is to be done for those young guns?

I have some suggestion regarding what is to be done for those young guns who wish to keep their entrepreneurial dreams alive while working for someone else.

  1. One needs to start somewhere: Even the sons and daughters of the business tycoons have to start somewhere before heading the company. So, my suggestion is, do take up a job which suits you and your expertise.
  2. Get involved: That is, how you will get to know the intricacies of business. Observe how the old sweats, the green berets in the company performs, take the short cuts. The first few years are a process of learning and it is up to you to grasp the best of what you observe.
  3. Suggest innovations: Once you know what it takes to do the jobs, do suggest innovations or the newer ideas to your superiors. If your senior is intelligent and a good manager, he or she will definitely take your ideas and implement them, provided they are logical and not much risky. See how your suggestions work out in the real world. This is the start of building your self-confidence as well as experience level.
  4. Take up tricky projects: I would suggest that this is also the time to try out your leadership abilities. Do volunteer to take up tricky projects and match your brains against odds to be victorious. Try to get the best of your colleagues by giving them the respect they deserve.
  5. Do keep watch on the market: Keep a tab on what is in and what has been discarded, who are the main players in the market and who might be the future market leader. Always try to predict, of course from the experience you have gathered, regarding what is the future going to be and which way the market should go. You should develop the knack of being updated. His is also the time to be in touch with the bankers and the Start Up companies who may provide the much-needed assistance in the desired time.
  6. Decide on a deadline: Decide on a deadline when you consider you are ready and act accordingly. The confidence and the experience in your past workplaces will guide you to your first entrepreneurial venture. All you need is to nurture it like your own baby, with precaution and care.