Money and love come in life with foolishness – Sachin Mittal


What’s love got to do with money?

Money and love are correlated in the way that everybody wants both of these, wants more and more of these, strive hard to get them, do not pay attention and act foolish when they have and also when they lose either of these. They agonize over the loss of them and gather energy to acquire them again when lost.

These are not my personal views but the eternal outlook which I am bothering to reiterate. Surprisingly both love and money are factors that build or destroy lives and are very much influential in defining success at every level. And, we, the human beings are foolish about both of these two elixirs.

There is nothing like love

This is a feeling that starts when you are in the teens and grow, with certain variations, till the last day of your life. Love is all about being foolish and enjoying it. Love is also one of the most coveted things in life. Love makes the imperfect into Mr or Ms Perfect. Love makes the lazybones do pushups in the morning or make the once night owls to be waiting for their loved ones at dawn. Love brings joy and happiness, sorrows that make life worth living.

And… it’s all about money, honey…

Success means money. No questions about that. That is the mantra of the Gen Next work force who are doing shifts and overtimes to earn a hefty pay packet, and may be something extra. There is a general belief that if your bank account is healthy, you may desire for everything and most are achievable. No, I firmly believe that money can’t buy love, but it can and do buy most of the things.

There is a lot of foolishness going at every corner when there is enough to spend. If someone has made quite a bit of fortune at an early age, he or she shall be spending on odd stocks, gambling on start-ups and funds and it will be quite some time before he or she realizes that they are not the next Warren Buffet or that the Midas Touch does not really exist. There will be foolishness all around if self-discipline is not implemented.

Love and money co-exist in success

One who is successful in the truest sense will naturally have the power to implement discipline on himself or herself. I have seen many such men and women who are successful in making a fortune and equally successful in their love lives or whatever they love to do with their open hearts. It is necessary to plug in the leaks that are caused by the foolishness that arise either due to love or money, or even of love for money.

As a bottom-line, I would suggest that all readers be careful and not be carried away by excessiveness of sentiments or greed. Excessive sentimental outburst can only bring harm to character, habits and destroy the future.

Excessive love for money, I will term it as greed, is the easiest way to cause your own downfall as well as degrade your character. However, love both and strive for both and once you are there, you shall know what true success means.