Sensitivity And Courage Complement Each Other: Sachin Mittal


Sensitivity and courage are not mutually exclusive. A person who is by nature sensitive is generally aware regarding the feelings and the general perspective of himself or herself and also of the people around him or her. One who is courageous is generally aware of the surroundings and may know what fear is, yet, will not hesitate to fight it if he or she feels that it is the right thing to do.

Sensitivity and courage are not mutually exclusive

A deep study of the human psychology will show that more sensitive a person is, the more fear he or she has, the greater is the courage and the spirit of fighting. It is the nature of the human being of such category to face a situation and handle it in his or her way. This is because, due to greater sensitivity, a person will be able to see the greater picture, the lager evil, and, he or she will fight against it to save his near and dear ones.

Insensitive people are afraid of losing their wealth

A person who is insensitive also tends to be selfish and occupied to think about personal gains. People like that count upon petty issues and concerned about their profit and loss. Such people are afraid of losing their wealth and constantly live by the fear that someday everything will be taken away from them. This is a general psychological disorder and there are plenty of examples around. Such syndromes do make these people coward and devoid of self esteem.

Is there a way to increase sensitivity?

Qualities like sensitivity and courage are inborn and transferred from gene to gene. It is natural that honest parents give birth to children who are generally honest and the qualities develop through proper parentage. However, there are many contradictory examples though. In general, it is all in the genes and if you are courageous, you can expect your offspring to be one of your kinds.

Sometimes, due to lack of proper parentage, qualities do get lost. Persuasive situations can make a person insensitive and meek. At that time, it is up to the friends and the family members to help the person return to normalcy.

The ancient Indian philosophy and Vedic rituals have been widely practiced in this subcontinent and practices like Yoga and Pranayam have healthy effects on cure of bad habits as well as cleansing the soul. If followed methodically, all the negativities present in a person could wash away through Vedic practices and the soul can be rejuvenated wit the light of positive energy.

Sensitivity and courage are true examples of positivity

The flow of positive energy is of utmost importance to keep the world moving in the right direction. Qualities like sensitivity and courage that complements it are important aspects in life that keep the goodness alive. It is necessary to feel for others, help mankind and fight the evil to bring justice. It is the foremost duty of the human race to negate the evil; otherwise, every living being will perish to darkness. One has to be able to love others to understand this simple truth and without being sensitive, love will never arise.