“That’s been one of my mantras- focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.”

-Steve Jobs

More often than not, we tend to complicate life based on our lack of discernment.  With the advent of technology, we have designed ourselves to lead a very dynamic and mechanical lifestyle. We’re turning into machines that have a pre-defined way of functioning. Right from reacting to an external stimulus, to the way we perceive the day-to-day happenings, there is unavoidable monotony.

The grey matter in our heads needs to be fed with cognitive stuff that is informative enough to help us grow. In order to manage things effectively, one needs to be sorted with issues that require quick decision making. That is where management skills come into the picture.

Starts from the elementary level

This is no way, however, implies that only companies and big establishments should learn to organize.  It all starts from the elementary level. Ever since childhood, we’ve been taught that all you need in life is to be happy. The definition of ‘happy’ though, has undergone considerable modifications over the years. Ask yourself this one question. Are you really happy with your life right now? If your answer is not very convincing then you’re not headed the right way.

When you’re burdened with ample workload and you need to release the stress, all you’ve got to do is take things easy. One little step at a time. Learn to take time out from your everyday schedule to organize things. If something is bothering you, analyze it briefly and take necessary steps to act on it instead of losing sleep over this.

Control of our lives

It is believed that the control of our lives lies in our own hands. If we choose to look in the face of ordeals and repine, we will succumb to the negativity that follows. As opposed to this, if you make up your mind to accept circumstances the way they are and thrive on faith, your outlook on life shall eventually change.

If strained relations in the past have stirred you deeply from within, be mature enough to understand that sometimes forgiving and forgetting can do you no harm. All the best things in life are free.

Benefits of leading a simple life

Here are a few benefits that co-occur with leading a simple life:

  • Clarity– The complicated life becomes, the messier things get. Expressing is an art. Avoid the bedlam by expressing yourself through unvarnished statements. Be straightforward and do away with contradicting yourself. This will, in turn enable you to foresee the bigger picture more clearly.
  • Freedom– When you start living life by your own set of rules and principles, you are learning to surrender trivial beliefs. The taste of freedom begins to devour your soul.
  • Hope– A small living space and the openness to new experiences and challenges makes us hopeful.

Be amazing and keep people in your life that inspire you, encourage you, enhance you and make you happy. Stop over-analyzing situations and believe in yourself.