Behind every success lies innovation and behind every innovation lies months, may be years, of brainstorming, trial and error, tenacity and of course a lot of hard work.

Success, though is a relative term, as far as individuals are concerned, may be spelt as winning. We, as individuals, crave for winning in different situations we go through. Places and situations may change but the actual feeling is always the same.

We love to win and we hate to lose. It may be in our social life, in our workplace or the relations in which we get involved, we love to win in each of the occasions, which is taken to be being successful. And, in each of the situations, behind our success, behind our winning ways, there is some innovative method that is applicable, which makes the winners differ from those coming to the second place.

A world of pace and deadlines

Let us talk in the terms of achieving success in our work places. The world we live in at these times of techno-blast is one of pace and deadlines. Also, there is a huge competition. It is meant for the survival of the fittest for those who want to reach the peak as more or less everyone next are equally good and hardworking, with equal aspiration levels and equal zeal. It is innovation that makes an individual different and better than his or her compatriots.

Now, what can innovation be like in a workplace, you may wonder, where everybody is doing the same work in the same space?

After all, a corporate world is not a scientific laboratory and you are not experimenting with mice or nuclear energy. Innovations in a corporate atmosphere may consist of small changes that may make the workplace more comfortable, generating easy but effective short cuts, newer ideas that might attract more clientele for your organisation or even improvisation of the existing work culture resulting in more effective output. One needs to understand that such changes or improvisations when credited to the person who installed it provides a tremendous boost to him or her and also to the whole organization.

Innovations do not come in your dreams

Innovations generally do not come in your dreams. I read somewhere that the person who invented the sewing machine did dream about where exactly the needle-hole should be in a sewing machine and solved the riddle he could not crack. However, let that be a unique case. In 99.9% cases, where innovation changed the world, it was hard work, calculation and research. Also, a lot of sacrifice is involved with every good work. If you are creating something new and you intend to succeed, you have to forget a lot of things. I may sound rude but one needs to sacrifice time with family and friends as these may provide distractions. Of course, there are people who are excellent in time management, but in general, absolute concentration is required. I would go as far as to say that the only interruption to an innovative idea should be another innovative idea.

Even, when you are at a boardroom meeting and a colleague is providing any innovative idea, do not interrupt him or her unless you have another idea which is superior or more effective. I think that this should be the decorum and a way of paying respect to his or her idea as well.