Don’t let precedents guide your future


We have heard the saying that time is the best teacher. Thus, we have learnt a lot while growing up. There is no doubt in the fact that the lessons taught to us as children are embedded in us like one-two-three-four. We have been through too many things. We have witnessed too many things out of which some have taught us positive lessons. But that is not always the case. Some memories leave us with a lesson, but a lesson that proves to pull you down.

These memories definitely shape our attitude and how we tend to work and function. But should you let your negative memories affect your future? Definitely not. Do not let your precedents guide your future.

Give away all the negativities

These precedents might make you believe that you are not good or capable enough. It might also make you believe that you should always be in control and that you are insignificant. The fact remains that you must always give away all the negativities in your being. If it does not make you confident you must ignore it. These precedents are a part of your past. They should have no place in your present.

The reasons behind them not letting you dictate you are:

  1. Your past is your past for a reason. It is definitely your teacher but only till it motivates you and makes you feel happy and satisfied. In any other case, you should let your spirit pull you up and make you confident. Take your past as a lesson and not as an end in itself.
  2. Your past can control you but not what others do. You can let your past dictate you but the several uncontrollable factors shape your today. Therefore, it is advised that you go with the flow and learn the good things in the process.
  3. History seldom repeats itself. Yes, we all have heard this saying. But with my experience, in a dynamic environment, it seldom replicates. So why be so certain about something that happened in the past repeating itself? You will determine what you make of your future. Not your memories.

Use these 3 techniques

It is definitely easier said than done. Thus, in order to efficiently do what is mentioned in this article, you can make use of the following three techniques:

  1. Keep reminding yourself that you are what you want yourself to be. If you keep thinking about your past, probably your actions will push you towards those bad and negative memories, making you less happy and optimistic. Just tell yourself that you will make it work.
  2. Take it as a blessing and not as something that diminishes you. You should feel happy that it happened to you just so that you do not repeat it again. What is better than learning and not repeating?
  3. Hope and be happy. The happier you are, the more hopeful you will be. It will shape your beliefs and you will realize that it is okay. Things happen and end. It does not mean that they will recur.

Never let any memories of your past dampen your soul. You are who you want to be and it is in your hand. Be optimistic and learn from what time has in store for you.

You will come out as a winner.