Entrepreneurs might not always be CEO material


People usually think that those who can direct and manage a start up as an entrepreneur are perfect for the post of a CEO. Maybe for some that is true. But I am sure you will be baffled to know that this is not always the case.

An entrepreneur might not necessarily be CEO material. After reading this, some of the readers might be wondering, what sets them apart? What are those skills that one role needs while the other does not?

This article will do exactly that. Thanks to my sphere of action and experience, I have been able to get to the same question that was posed in the previous paragraph. There are definitely two different groups of skills, one for an entrepreneur and one for a CEO.

Different responsibilities and duties

An individual should never assume that an entrepreneur will be the CEO too. They have different responsibilities and duties. You can call an entrepreneur the driving force. They tackle, modify and change things in and about the organization radically and massively. They are the most important aspects of the organization in the beginning. They are in charge of not only management, but also understanding what needs to be solved and how it needs to be solved. Since the firm is new, they are in charge of pulling the stakeholders towards the concern and compelling them to believe in it.

While an entrepreneur does all this in the initial stages of the firm, a CEO does this for a very long term. There, you just cannot think of being the driving force. You need to form the engine, the infrastructure, the nuts and bolts and everything that your train needs. The thinking capacity and experience becomes the coal to the engine and drives it towards the destination. Hence, we can say that it is just not about power or force but about using and directing it well to improve the bigger picture.

Equal importance to everything

There is another point of difference. While an entrepreneur is required to focus on only certain aspects, the CEO has to take care of each and every thing that is connected to the concern. Thus, while the entrepreneur might be in the position to look and work on a particular thing and ignore the rest, the CEO, has to take care of each and every intricacies and give due and equal importance to everything, no matter how tiny that is.

An entrepreneur needs to be a genius in the sense that he needs to be able to see things that others cannot. A CEO is required to identify and motivate others to furnish the geniuses within them. A CEO is not necessarily the most intelligent one, but he, no doubt, is the most experienced one.

Thus, for all those who think that being an entrepreneur means that you can be a CEO, must know that the two concepts and posts are hugely different.

However, nothing is impossible. Maybe you can be the exception.