Every step we take on our walk of life makes us learn something new. We gather experience, both good and bad, positive and negative and we try to let those experiences guide us in the next level. That is how we live. That is what we do in our lifetime. This is the eternal truth of our earthly existence.

The path that we walk in our lifetime is an uneven one. We have our share of success and failures and we have to take everything that happens to us as granted. Sometimes, however hard we may try, certain factors that bind us may lead to our failures. Truly speaking, it is a team game that we go through at every step of life and not all players in that game are equally efficient. One slip up and the house of cards tumble down – that is what life is like.

Breaching trust

At times, it may appear that an individual or some people are responsible for your failure. You may feel that you have been conned or tricked. This is quite a normal feeling and I met many such people who shared their feelings with me. People they have trusted with their life, served with utter loyalty or being totally dependent all along, have breached their trust.

I believe that no one can con anyone. I believe that these situations are a result of circumstances.  People you trust or believe have their own difficulties. They are human beings made of flesh and blood. Mistakes happen when you are working. Blunders happen when wrong decisions are made. A decision made out of emotion puts thousands of lives on a flutter. These are the circumstances when an individual may be a prey of. Yes, I do agree that such decisions are not pardonable. However, it is all a part of life which at one time or the other, one has to face.

When you feel you have been conned

At times, situations may arise when you feel that you have been conned, robbed of your liberty and independence, even your money. But, you need to understand that even your decisions at certain points may have done the same things to others. It is therefore necessary to judge each and every action taken by others and see their perspectives that led to the feelings you are suffering from.

The general feeling, as I have observed a number of times, is that we feel that we have been conned by our near and dear ones, especially in situations arising within relations. These situations are to be handled in the most delicate way, keeping in mind the sensitivity and importance in-between the relations.

Talk it over with the person in question

The best way to address these circumstances is to talk it over with the person in question to solve the core issues. But before that you need to sit back and tell yourself this that ‘nobody can really con anyone, and it’s all a matter of circumstances’ and you need to believe in this to be able to handle it in the way you want to.

Take stock of what happened, avoid analyzing the individual and assess the circumstances instead, stop thinking about the negative points of the person but calmly and neutrally assess the circumstances that might have led to this. What’s more important is not to react the way you are justified to do so, but rationally chart out the next steps which would minimize damage and help you the most in your own growth story.