There are two kinds of people in this world, as I divide them: Successful and Unsuccessful. I consider both the terms to be relative but even if I generalize them, my views would remain the same. A person may be successful in career, relations, society and any other fields or be unsuccessful. It is either win or loss; there is no point in being in the middle and drifting along with the endless waves of hopelessness.

I prefer winners. They are cool. They know what they want from life, what they can do to improve life, not only theirs but anybody who is connected with them. Successful people have an aura around them that inspires others. They will listen to your problems and guide you, encourage you to make it big and stay above petty egos and selfishness.

Losers have common traits

The losers are people from distant planets. They remind me of the evil characters from old Disney classics. Remember Black Pete in the Mickey Mouse stories or the evil queen in Snow White? The losers and the unsuccessful lot have some common traits – they complain, condemn and criticize. There are other things too like creating a scene, curse or even conduct sit-in demonstration.

One needs to understand that the world we live in is an uneven platform and steps should be carefully taken when the question is of win or loss. Not everybody can be successful. Rather I would say that not everybody deserves to be successful. These are people who keep away from hard work and wish to achieve everything without any toil or sweat. This is not possible in reality.

Success doesn’t come for free

For every success, there is some sort of hard work or brainstorming or both. People who wish to achieve success for free can never achieve it. And when success is a distant dream for them, it is the time for blame games. These people will complain about just anything starting from inequality, glass ceiling, mal-practices and what not. They would condemn their colleagues, bosses or even family members for their failures. They would criticize anybody and everybody from the local auto driver to state minister of even the United Nation!

Strangely, these unsuccessful lots, whom I personally feel pity for, are lost souls. If these people would have concentrated on their work without spending the time on complaining and criticizing others, they would have achieved at least something.

Loser is generally a loner

I feel that the basic mentality of a person decides his or character and makes the person a winner or a loser. While a person who has the habit of winning would be generally broadminded and prefer teamworks, the loser would generally be a loner with selfish attitude. If you look around you, in workplace or even while travelling in public transport, I am sure you will come across many such people.

My suggestion is, do not waste your precious time in trying to help such people because they are by nature incorrigible and at times they will be criticizing you for helping them out!