There’s no reason why you should live in poverty


Many people I know speak of equality and a classless society and implementation of certain systems in the governance to do so. The main point is everybody should be able to earn equally, there should be no rich or poor.

I do not know for sure whether such things are possible in reality for sure or not but one thing I firmly believe is that if you work hard and if you have the right direction, you can at least drive away your poverty.

This is a world of technology and professionalism. This is a world of ideas. This is the age of social media where your ideas can be made known to the world at the click of the mouse. If you have one good idea that actually works, you can be your own master, no matter where you stay and how poor you are.

Those who fought with poverty

Fortunes favour the brave. I have seen many a people, coming from the poorest of the poor families, who by sheer perseverance, hard work and will power, have reached the top. They worked hard for their education, obtained scholarships in every steps, fought with the poverty, some even fought with the social stigmas, but did what they had to. Some of them are leaders in their respective fields in this world.

There’s no reason you should live in poverty. There are ample ways to get it you of it, perfectly legal ways, so neither do you need to raise your brows nor panic. I would suggest a number of ways that may help you. Let’s take it that you are in a job where the pay is meager, work hours are long but it is a fixed one which you do not and should not leave. So what do you do? You will have to find out a proper way of time management and make free a couple of hours for something else.

What are the options?

What are the options for a part-time job? Well, it depends firstly upon what you can do best. If you have been a good student, I would suggest you to provide private tuition. This is a part time job that is respectable and it pays. If you are really good, at one point of time, you will be earning more than what you earn in your regular job. This is one job that can get you out of poverty, and believe me, there is no investment and free snacks!

The stock market, daily trading and such activities can definitely be a solution to remove your poverty. Dedicate at least two hours a day and first observe how the market moves. Talk to people, watch what’s happening, then save some money and jump into the bandwagon. I am sure that with proper knowledge and with little money, you can make it big, far big from where you were when you started.

These are just examples. What I mean to say is that one should always be willing to learn and grow and poverty will naturally shy from them. If you live with a huge ego and are choosy about work then it’s a problem. One has to be humble, brave, smart and always willing to learn. Value any kind of work, strive for learning and experience, Give your best in whatever you are doing and the path in front of you would always be upwards and clearer day by day.