Henry Ford once famously quoted that ‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t- you’re right’’.

This quote does an amazing job of providing me with all the confidence and courage in times of need. There was a time when I was broken and had nothing to look forward to in my life. My business idea, which I believed would completely transform the lives of millions had backfired and several years of hard work was completely wiped out in the matter of a few months.

Even after this debacle, I again stood up and came up with another concept that could revive my initial business plan. Things started looking highly promising in the initial few months and I finally started believing that I am getting closer to my dream of being a successful entrepreneur. However, that optimism was short-lived as well.

Even though I knew that failure is a part of life, but two consecutive breakdowns in as little as two years extracted even the minutest drop of confidence in me and cynicism started to take over.

Something in me didn’t want to give up

However, somewhere deep inside I still believed that I had it in me to make it big someday. Something in me didn’t want to give up as yet and asked for another chance. So, I decided to wipe the canvas clean and started working on another business idea again. To make things short, it’s been around 10 years now and I am well on my path to success.

However, this decision of trying something again didn’t come as easily as one would imagine. Even though the outer world is fatal and waiting to destroy the pillars on which you are trying to build your dream, I found that it’s my inner-self that was stopping me from achieving my goals.

Some of the things that I learnt during my revival are-

  1. My comfort zone is nothing short of my worst enemy- It is very important to get out of the comfort zone if you actually want to taste success. Even though a fancy job in a field that you are well-versed with might sound exciting, an adrenaline pumping risk can provide you with the payoffs that you always desired. Uncovering new skills, finding new passion and the much needed growth as a person and an entrepreneur are added benefits.
  2. Law of Attraction- Even though I never actually believed in it in the past, it completely sucked me when from the day I decided to introduce it into my life. What I learnt from the law of attraction is- no matter who I am and what my current condition is, there is no restriction to where I can be in 5 years from now. Within me is a never-ending potential that will always guide me to achieve my goals. Simply believing this down to my very core allowed me to unleash my true potential and blazed the desire in me to achieve more.
  3. Power of Metaphysics- Human energy starts flowing in the direction where the attention takes it. When the mind is filled with fear of negative outcomes, you actually create the exact picture in your life. Clearly, this was one of the reasons that was preventing my success and I had to get those negative thoughts out of my mind. Thus, I started focusing on my goals and forming clear images of success in my mind. This was a slow process, but it made me confident enough to believe that nothing wrong will happen in the future.
  4. Conscious Living– We humans have an innate desire to achieve wholeness in every aspect of our lives. While we may need it for separate reasons, personal growth is generally the basis of this desire. Conscious living can have a major impact on our personal and professional lives, and has the ability to take us nearer to our goals. Simply concentrating on the after-effects of our thoughts, actions, values and contentment can have a positive impact on our lives.

Experimenting with these mental tools gave me all the confidence and courage that I needed to get back on my feet again. If you too are struggling with your personal or professional life or simply want to live better, try these tips and you might be well on your way to achieve a lot more!