In today’s materialistic and competitive world, it is really difficult to understand what the term ‘success’ means for any person. If you try asking the question of what success means to you, the most common replies which you will receive from more that ninety percent of the people will be ‘becoming rich’ or ‘having a fancy car’ or ‘a dream house’.  This is how materialistic this world has made us.  So let us start by first understanding what success actually means.

True meaning of Success

 The dictionary meaning of success is something which gets positive results or something we had dreamt or hoped to achieve, when we actually achieve it. However, in the present context, since the hopes, aspirations and dreams of any person are so different from those of another, that it made the definition more subjective than universal. So, to put it in generic words, every person should understand and be aware of what his or her ultimate goals are and once they achieve them, only then will they be able to understand what ‘success’ means to them.

Exploring another dimension to Success

While wealth is considered to be a substitute for happiness and to some extent it is, because, let’s face it, no matter how much we deny, money has its own importance and significance in this materialistic world. However, a common mistake which many people tend to make is to give unnecessary and undue importance to money or wealth. Just answer some simple questions and you may find the true meaning of the word ‘success’.

What is the point in accumulating so much of wealth that at the end of the day you are unable to sleep peacefully at night without any worries? Or working and earning so much wealth that you miss being part of your child’s growing up years? Or being so busy or unavailable to your near and dear ones especially when they need you the most? If you understand what the underlying meaning of these questions is, you will also realize that there could possibly be another dimension to the definition of success.

This facet of success implies that the number of people whose lives you were able to touch with your deeds or help or by just being there with them during the times when they needed you the most? If you have at least a handful of them, it will give you inner satisfaction and happiness with the thought that you were able to help your near and dear ones in your ways and made them feel better. Just think about this and you will get the answer.

 Start appreciating the presence of your near and dear one from today

 From today itself, start learning the lesson of valuing all those people around you who are your well wishers and your support system and without whom life would not be as pleasant as what it is right now for you. So, family, friends and sometimes even colleagues at work who may have touched your life in some way or the other are the people actually responsible for making you successful. After all, when you pass away, no one will remember you for your monetary worth, but everyone will remember the number of people who were present and by your side then. Think about it.