Rich people don’t take their privileges for granted


The society we live in is divided into some broad divisions which again are correlated with each other. For instance, firstly we have divisions like the rich and the poor, the successful people and the unsuccessful people, the social workers and the looters and many such others.

What I mean by ‘they are correlated’ is that a rich could be successful as well as a social worker or a rich can also be a selfish looter. The different spheres are entangled in different ways like the Set Theory and give rise to new personalities. However, there are certain characteristics that generally go on to stick with some others in a definitive way. A king always acts like a king and in the most courteous manner.

Characters and traits are inborn

I have observed certain traits that match up with others more or less in the same manner. For example, those who are rich, they never bother to take their privileges for granted. Let me explain this a bit.

Characters and traits are inborn. This is pure psychology. Being rich is not a process that is acquired in a day’s time. It takes tremendous hard work, a brilliant brain, management skills, coordination power and a thousand other qualities. One has to achieve success in his or her field of work in order to be rich.

Thus, one who has acquired wealth in such a manner knows quite well how the system runs and what to expect in life. A person who has been through all of it will never show off or try to get extra privileges. They have little time to care for all these trifling issues. Rather, such people are generally modest, humble and courteous.

The rich who demand more

Yes, I admit that there are people who are exactly opposite. There are rich people who demand more than they are worth. There are people who demand extra privileges because they consider themselves to be rich and important. They would demand for extra favour and such other things anywhere anytime.

But, do check the backgrounds of these people. I would say that these people have definitely made many by chance, by luck, may be even through lottery wins. These are the people who would also lose their money soon by becoming more and more greedy. There is precedence for this all over the world.

Those who have grown and helped other grow

Take a look at the top people around you. If you meet them anywhere, you will find them observing people, judging the situation around or scouting for newer talents. These are the people who have not only grown themselves but helped other people to grow, the deserving people, and thus have contributed towards the society. This is because they know and have respect for hard work and skills. These people will never ask you for any extra favour but would rather help you to sort your troubles. That is the general nature of people who have made it big.

The examples I could think of regarding rich people not taking their privileges for granted would be spread around you. I never remember hearing Tatas being in the news for hounding people or taking extra advantages, rather they are in the news, besides their businesses, for doing benevolent works.

So never take privileges that come to you for granted…your first trait imbibed for being successful & rich.