In school, we were taught a poem, one line of which still matters a lot in every step of life. The line meant that the walks of life are not covered with flowers. This eternal truth was put into our mind-frame at an early age while I grew up, I walked accordingly. So does most of the people. At every step, a test comes up, a challenge is thrown open or puzzles are to be solved to walk up to the next level. It is our tactics that matters regarding coping with them and that decides how we live, our happiness and peace and other such factors.

Fighting silent battles

There are many a times when we need to fight silent battles, wage a war and disrupt enemy tactics. While some individuals take this as a habit and prefer to live dangerously, there are many others who are compelled to do so in order to survive or exist. I consider that these people, especially those who love their battles, to be abnormal. Battles are the last resort to achieve anything. There are ways like talking, debating and mutually settling things which takes lower stress and energy and the effects of which does not steal your peace.

Whether you are battling against your colleagues or another company, the practice is not healthy and should be avoided till the last ditch effort. Whether you win or lose, there will be sufferings, mental and subconscious. Yes, battles are at times inevitable. I think, when you are out to achieve anything, you should keep this in mind that you should participate in the least number of battles to your way to success.

Enemies are bad for your health

I believe that judicious decisions are necessary while picking up battles, even those which are fought in the board room. If you win, it may help you to attain confidence, boost your morale, but, you will also gain newer enemies, and maybe, some vengeful ones. Enemies are bad for your health. Vengeful enemies are worse. Life fills with turmoil when somebody with vengeance is out there to get even with you.

I have a plain and simple suggestion. You are out there to win. You want to achieve. Also, you wish to live a peaceful life. If you want to win, you need to fight battles. So, chose your battles, I will say, fight 20% of them, the one’s that cannot or should not be avoided and avoid the rest with your qualities and talking power. That is a healthy practice, at least I believe so.

Battles make enemies

Making enemies are easy. Making good friends take time. Battles make enemies, people who will retain grudge against you. Minimize the number of such people by not taking part in direct confrontation where wit and intelligence can make things favourable to you.

One of the prime factors that help people to be successful is the power to decide what to take and what to leave and when. You have to acquire that power of which battle to fight and which one to be stepped away from in a judicious manner. Yes, that needs experience, but do start right now.