At times, I often think that God has provided me with greater than normal hardship… or has given me lesser strength to cope up with troubles.

That is quite natural for an individual who has been taking on one trouble after another and going through a challenging situation. Years of hardship and solving day-to-day problems crate a fatigue that makes us think such thoughts.

This is human nature. That is how life is.

Whatever the situation may be, the fact that I am alive and still thinking what best can happen in the next phase, has kept me going on. This belief has led me to take one step and another, thus keeping me moving ahead. I have seen that when people start to  get going, suddenly, disasters happen and everything shatters down.

Luckily, for me, life has been devoid of such troubles. I am still here, very much alive and in complete control over my mind.

That, I consider is the greatest gift of God to me.

I thank God that I am healthy

I thank God that I am healthy. Being healthy is a very important factor. I have seen people around me sliding down from their positions because of health related problems and I am lucky that I am not one of them.

I also thank God that I have that little bit of money in my pocket that can buy me my meager and modest meal.

By being healthy and not having the tension to worry about one square meal, I look forward to the next day which I consider to be more prosperous and fruitful than the previous day. That is the way I prefer to feel the warmth of success which may come on the way.  This generates newer thoughts, newer ideas and the oxygen for rejuvenation.

That is the mantra for success.

I know that no matter how bad the past days have been, its memories are always sweet. At times, I try to recollect the past and the sweet memories make me take a plunge in the past days of hardship. Those were the days which have actually created my present. But again, I find out that even if I want to go back, I cannot as I have broken all my relations with the past.

Why should I go back to the past?

Unknowingly I have grown bigger than I ever expected to be in the years of running around and working with my head down. These are the times when my alter ego asks me, why should I go back to the past? Because, all that I am now, are the results of my own decisions. I chose my own path and the life that I am living now.

Life is a mixture of memories, experiences and deeds. Memories may be sweet, bitter-sweet, encouraging or even sad. It is your option to choose what you want, whether you wish to go forward shutting the past, as I have done, or you wish to place yourself in a level of stagnancy, wading over past memories.

I have always looked upon my present as the ladder of the future, and therefore there has been no time to look down. You may call it ethics or my take on life…but these are the beliefs on which I see life.