This is a digital age we live in and life is in the fast lanes. Time is money; anybody who can save time is the real gainer these days.

Wrong. The real gainers are those who can save time and control their schedules as well.  This is a major factor that decides success in every field of work. It is very important to be aware of the time by which one runs. We are in general ignorant of the fact that our indiscipline in maintaining time leads to our failure, principally when we are handling time-bound projects. Our ignorance has led us to mix our pastime activities with our works and thus slowly but steadily decreased our natural speed to do a work.

Time management is an art

That we do not know the importance of time is evident in many of the workplaces where social media has been a part of our work culture. Updates on the social media rule our existence and we, at times, seem to forget that our works, at home or our office, is being hampered. It piles up resulting to late night being spent at office, resulting in stress, health problems, problems in relationship and what not. Surprisingly, a little bit of discipline in paying respect to the timeframes are ignored casually, which would have eased down the irrelevant hurry in the later days.

Ideally, the people who know their time can control their schedules in the finest manner. You can expect these people to be dot on time at meetings, tip-top in their work, find them giving time to family and relations, to be stress free and live a healthy life. Time management is an art. Few can master this art and as I said earlier, these are the people who have seen success in life.

Keeping track of the time

What can you do by keeping track of the time and control your schedules? The first thing that comes to my mind is that you can live in peace. Life becomes much simpler if one excels in the art of controlling schedules. From the moment you get up in the morning, you will have an exact idea regarding what to do and when. When you will get used to the system, you mind will act like a clock and your works will be done in a jiffy. While your colleagues may be spending precious time during the office hours fooling out and then work through the night, you may able to experience the bliss and sweetness of family life.

The basics of knowing your time is simple and are taught to all during the school days. The keyword in knowing and keeping track of time is discipline in life. The more disciplined you will be, the more your work will be made simple. Of course, you will need to work your quota but you need not overwork because that will never be needed.