If you are asking this to yourself then congratulations, you are already half-way towards being a millionaire! Yes, I’m not joking…this is perhaps the only thing you need to know and to be able to do well in order to become inordinately successful and rich!

So what does this ‘delivering more value in less time’ really mean? Well, if you stand back and look at things in perspective, you shall find that earning Rs. 10,000 per month and earning Rs. 10 lacs per month require more or less the same effort. Yes, the effort that I put in when I was a fresher home loan agent is not vastly different from what I give now. What I mean to say is this – the amount of effort somewhat remains the same for any person, what changes is what you ‘think’ about your efforts.

I have done various kinds of jobs when I was young and it took me many experiences and years to finally find the secret formula for being successful and getting rich. The turning point came when I started ‘thinking’ about the nature of my efforts rather than the ‘amount’ the effort I was putting in. I started by asking myself this very question – ‘How can I deliver more value to people in less time?’ When you ask this to yourself, what you basically want to know is how to become better for more people in the least possible time’. So let’s look at this crucial question and answer it in 3 parts – more value, more people and less time.

  1. How can I provide more value to people?

This refers to ‘How can I give more service?’ and has only one answer irrespective of who you are and which job you are doing – Always give a little extra in what you are doing. For example, if you are a pizza delivery guy and your work is delivering the pizza, do a little extra…ask how the person is or whether the pizza he last ordered was good or not. If you are a back office executive, apart from doing what you are supposed to do, take that tiny bit of initiative and suggest a report or a weekly meeting that would help everyone around you in doing their jobs. Whatever, your work is, always think about giving that little bit extra so as to improve on your ‘quality of service’

  1. How do I reach more people?

After the quality of service aspect is taken care of, the next part of the question is how to reach more number of people. In today’s times, technology has answered this for you! Thanks to the digital marketing revolution and the social media world, increasing reach and frequency is now a child’s play! Reach refers to the number of people you connect with and frequency, the number of times you connect with them. With the help of online mediums, you can increase both in much less time.

  1. How do I give more value to more people in less time?

So you have increased your quality of service and you are giving this service to more people. But how to do it in the least time? This is by far the most difficult part of this entire success formula. Time is ultimately the most valuable asset and if you can find the solution to this question, then both your efficiency as well as productivity will increase manifold.

When you double your reach, in any case you are doubling your revenue, now the only thing you need to know is how to do it in less time! And unlike the other two questions, this part of the solution is pretty much dependent on the kind of work you do and your current circumstances. Write this question down on paper, your notebook, a fridge magnet…anywhere and everywhere and look at it and ponder at it all the time.

Whatever task you do, try and think whether there’s a faster way to do it. Make this into a habit and it is only then that you will start getting the answers yourself. Once you have the entire solution in your place and in your system, voila!

The world is yours!